Basic 4 Mathematics Assessment Test

Class: Basic 4


Topic: Assessment Test

Instructions: Answer all questions correctly.

1.An angle less than 90 degrees is called ___angle.A.obtuse B.acute C.reflex.

2.Two straight lines meeting at a point forms_____A.angle B.point C.Polygon

3.A right angle is equal to____degrees. A.90 B.60 C.180.

4.An angle greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees is called ___angle .A.acute B.obtuse C.straight.

5.The amount of liquid a container can old is called____A.area B.capacity C.length.

6.Find the area of a rectanglar field with length 44cm and breadth 13cm.

7.Multiply 432cm by 12.

8.simplify 32².

9.solve 2567cm+4578cm.

10.Find the LCM of 16,12 and 24.

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