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Part A:
Write a composition that is not less than ten lines on any ONE of the following topics. You may write more than ten lines if you so desire. Marks would be awarded for proper usage of paragraphs and be careful with your spelling, grammar and punctuation.
Write a letter to your parents living abroad, inviting them to your cultural day that will come up on the 30th of March 2018
Pretend you are the President of Nigeria for one year; what changes will you put in place as the President of Nigeria for one year.
Write a story with the title “The day that I will never forget in my life”
Part B: Write out the part of speech of the  words in bold
1. Akande ran by so fast that we could hardly see him (a) adjective (b) adverb (c) noun (d) verb
2. The 100metres dash is a fast race (a) adjective (b) adverb (c) noun (d) verb
3. The humming bird flew out the door singing lustily
(a) adverb (b) conjunction (c) preposition (d) verb
4. Mr. and Mrs. Bolujo went out (a) adverb (b) conjunction (c) preposition (d) verb
5. Kerry bought a book on plant care (a) adjective (b) adverb (c) noun (d) verb
Part C: Fill the gap with the word that is correctly spelt from the given alternatives
6. How do you use your ______ times (a) lesure (b) liesure (c) leisure (d) ledger
7._________ mother told them not to leave the house (a) they’re (b) there (c) their (d) dear
8. The road runs _________ to the river (a) paralell (b) parallel (c) parralel (d) parrallel
9. He is not sleeping in ________ because the night is too hot
(a) pajamas (b) pajarmes (c) pyjamers (d) pyjamas
10 .Some television shows are too much ______ (a) violant (b) violent (c) viollent (d) viollent
Part D: Lexis and Structure
Choose the synonyms of the underlined word
11. On the rainy night, it is very dismal outside (a) tragic (b) full of doom (c) scornful (d) gloomy
12. Every Saturday, Akinrinade lubricates his bicycle before going for a ride
(a) wets (b) oils (c) beautifies (d) shines
13. Fidelis heard a peculiar noise in the kitchen
(a) strange (b) sickening (c) deafening (d) common
14. The indolent man has lost his job (a) rude (b) impolite (c) lazy (d) difficult
15. The students were elated at their teacher’s idea to take them to the zoo
(a) doubtful (b) overjoyed (c) saddened (d) scared
Part E: Fill the gaps with the right preposition from the given alternatives
Off, from, on, for, to, of, with, about, in
16. Funmi was blamed ________________ the incident
17. James, John and Juliet are equal ____________ the task. You can always count on them
18. Babafemi quarreled ___________________ his boss
19. The farmer suffered _______________________ leprosy
20.She has filled the pot __________________________________ water
Part F: Comprehension
The Home Coming
Faith and her twin brother Joshua were visiting home for the first time since their birth twelve years ago in far away Chicago. The home coming was an experience neither of the twins would ever forget. Never in their lives had they experience so great a show of love. Almost everyone in the village turned out to welcome them as soon as the news of their arrival spread.
The exclamation, the hugging and the embracing were nearly too much for the children and even their mother Oladoyin, who at one-point collapsed in a chair and shed tears of Joy.
The children were attracted by the way their kinsmen and women dressed. Their mother and father had not told them much about their culture. Infact faith was so fascinated that on one occasion, she went up to one of the women who was sitting down and stared, touching and feeling her braided hair. This action immediately earned her further hugs and embraces from the women whose hair style had attracted her attention.
And even now, Faith remains a special friend to Iyabode.
Suddenly, someone raised a sorry. There was clapping and singing all round. The merry-making continued until later unto the night. The result was that the following morning, all of them including the twins’ father were too tired to wake up early enough to receive the early visitors who had come to ask Olusegun, his wife and the twins whether they had slept well.
The twins’ homecoming was a memorable one because _____________ (a) they had been taught in school to remember such things (b) there was such a strong demonstration of love from their people (c) they were naturally anxious to know the people (d) they were born in a far away land
The twins’ mother collapsed in a chair and shed tears because _____________________
(a) she had lost her necklace at the airport (b) she had not wanted to return home (c) she had just been told that her home had died (d) the happiness and attention were too much for her
The woman whose hair Faith touched ________________________
(a) pasted a thousand naira note on her head (b) merely laughed and showed no further interest (c) embraced and hugged faith (d) though that Faith had wanted to mock her
The twins’ mother was called ______________ (a) Oladoyin (b) Hannah (c) Joy (d) Elite
The family could not wake up early the following morning because _____
(a) they were upset with the visitors (b) they were disturbed by mosquitoes
(c) they were afraid of the crowd (d) they were too tired