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Answer all the questions
Section I: There are three sentences in each of the following questions. Read them carefully and choose which one should come first, second and third
A paper fell into it
The paper got wet
There was some water in the bucket (a) 132 (b) 321 (c) 231 (d) 312 The correct answer is D = 312
Now answer questions 1 – 5
     i.) The child copied the correction
ii.) The teacher did the correction
iii.) The child failed the maths (a) 2,1,3 (b) 3,2,1 (c) 1,3,2 (d) 2,3,1
     i.) The boy ran down the hill
ii.) He broke his right foot
iii.) He fell down (a) 1,3,2 (b) 2,1,3 (c) 3,2,1 (d) 1,2,3
     i.) The dog ran away with the bone
ii.) The dog saw a bone
iii.) The dog took the bone (a) 2,1,3 (b) 3,1,2 (c) 3,2,1 (d) 2,3,1
     i.) Adamu sat for an examination
ii.) Adamu passed the examination
iii.) Adamu read his book overnight (a) 3,1,2 (b) 2,1,3 (c) 3,2,1 (d) 1,2,3
     i.) The dresses were dirty
ii.) The dresses were ironed
iii.) The dresses were washed (a) 2,3,1 (b) 3,2,1 (c) 1,3,2 (d) 2,1,3
Section II: In each of the following a word is missing from a statement, choose from the words given, the one that best completes the statement.
An example is given below:
The football match was played at the ______ (a) courtroom (b) games hall (c) studio (d) stadium Ans = stadium
Now answer the following questions 6 to 10
 Patient in a hospital are kept in the ____ (a) ward (b) theatre (c) dispensary (d) waiting room
Aeroplane for repairs are kept in the _____ (a) aerodrome (b) airport (c) hanger (d) warehouse
I went to the ______ to watch a play (a) auditorium (b) boutique (c) studio (d) theatre
Wild animals are kept in the _______ (a) field (b) forest (c) zoo (d) house
A place for public Christian worship is called ______
(a) church building (b) fellowship centres (c) mission house (d) mount zion
Section III: Write out the word that cannot be formed from the word written in capital letter
Sample: TAILOR (a) rail (b) ratio (c) tail (d) toll Ans = Toll
COMMISSIONER (a) come (b) common (c) minster (d) mission
DOCTOR (a) door (b) top (c) dot (d) root
HEADMASTER (a) head (b) master (c) mat (d) matter
HOSPITAL (a) host (b) lost (c) postal (d) spit
TEACHER (a) chair (b) cheat (c) eat (d) tea
Section IV: Write out the word that will fit perfectly into the gap
Sample: Se_c_ond, _C_ountry (a) e (b) f (c) d (d) c Ans = option d letter c
___olice, ___roblem (a) b (b) f (c) m (d) p
___oom, ___room (a) b (b) d (c) g (d) t
M ___n, ___ble (a) a (b) e (c) l (d) o
W___ter, ___pple (a) u (b) o (c) I (d) a
Gre___t, ___article (a) a (b) e (c) o (d) p
Section V: Write out the general word that describes what the other words are:
Sample: (a) daughter (b) family (c) father (d) mother Ans = family
(a) cattle (b) mammal (c) sheep (d) goat
(a) centimeter (b) kilometer (c) length (d) metre
(a) bench (b) chair (c) cupboard (d) furniture
(a) big (b) fat (c) short (d) size
(a) beans (b) food (c) maize (d) rice
Section VI: Pair the following words together from the alternatives given in the box
Bank barber hospital lawyer police school
Arrest = _____________
Clipper = _____________
Teller = _____________
Ward = _____________
Wig = _______________
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