Who is a Citizen?


CLASS:: Primary 3.


SUBJECT:: Social Studies.


TOPIC:: Who is a Citizen??.




A citizen is a person who belongs to a community, state or country. l am a citizen of the country where l was born.


You are also the citizen of a country if you naturalized. For example, if l live in the United State of America for ten years, l have the right to become a citizen of the country..


If a person from another country marries a Nigerian citizen, that person has the right to become a citizen of Nigeria.


All people born by Nigerian parents are Nigerian citizens. All citizens have responsibilities, right and duties to their country.


What are the qualities of a good citizens.÷÷÷


The qualities of a good citizens are:::÷÷÷


(1)HONESTY ÷ This means l am truthful and l keep my word.


(2)RESPECT ÷l am respectful when l treat others the way l want to be treated.


(3)FAIRNESS ÷This means that l am fair to other people. I obey rules and instructions and l do not cheat others.



do what l am supposed to do without being asked, or being told.


(5) COURAGE ÷l am

courageous when l do the right thing even when it is difficult.


(6)KINDNESS÷ l try to be good to other people and help them whenever l can.


Being a good citizen is very important.Good citizen build the community.

When everyone tries to be good citizens, our communities States and nation become better places for all of us to live in.





(1) Who is a citizen.?


(2)What is the meaning of naturalisation??


(3)All people born by Nigerian parents are____________.


(4)State four qualities of a good citizen.


(5)What is the name of your country.

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