Examination . social studies. first term . primary 1

Instruction: Answer all questions.

1.) When somebody is ill he or she will not be able to eat, sleep, drink or go to the toilet. (a) True (b) False

2.) Medicines are preparation used to prevent or cure diseases. (a) True (b) False

3.) Hard drugs destroys peoples health and make them run mad.  (a) True (b) False

4.) ___________________ is when we are sick. (a) Healthy (b) illness  (c) resting

5.) When we visit the toilet, we should wash our hands. (a) Yes  (b) No

6.) Hard drugs are substances we take into our body. (a) Yes (b) No

7.) Children should always keep away from sharp objects. (a) Yes  (b) No

8.) Accidents are those bad things that happens to people. (a) Yes   (b) No

9.) When we meet our elderly one we should __________ them. (a) greet                  (b) Abuse (c) back

10.) When we recite the national anthem we _________ (a) sit down    (b) stand up

11.) Christians worship in the ___________ (a) mosques    (b) church     (c) shrine

12.) Dirty environment can cause sickness. (a) True    (b) False

13.) How many religions do we have in Nigeria. (a) 5    (b) 7     (c) 3

14.) Muslims worship in the __________. (a) shrine (b) mosque (c) church

15.) The quality of a good family is to __________ one another. (a) love (b) fight (c) hate

16.) Children should always help their parent at home . (a) Yes (b) No

17.) ____________ is the head of the family. (a) father (b) mother (c) children

18.) We should keep our surroundings ____________ (a) dirty (b) clean (c) rough

19.) ____________ is use for cooking. (a) fuel (b) kerosene (c) water

20.) We save money in the _____________ (a) shop (b) bank (c) hospital

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