My Parents’ Roles in My Family



Class: Basic 1


Subject: Social Studies


Topic:Roles in my Family


Everyone in the family has roles.


Roles are the things that we have to do for each other.


My Parents Roles


My parents roles is to take care of my siblings and me.



They send us to school.


2. They make sure we always have food to eat.


3. They buy us clothes.


4. They teach us to be kind to others.


My Rights


All children have rights. These are the things that adults are supposed to provide for them.


All children have the right to go to school and to have enough food to eat.


Children Roles


Children also have roles in their families.


1. We have to help our parents around the house.


2. We have to make our beds.


3. We have to wash our clothes.


4. Sweep and mop the floor.


Class work


List 2 roles which your parents play in your family.

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