Ways of keeping our surroundings clean.

Class : Basic 2.

Subject : Civic Education.

Topic : ways of keeping our surroundings clean.

Content :
Everybody needs a clean environment.
An environment is clean when it is free from dirt.

A clean environment helps us remain in good health.

When we live in dirty surroundings we fall sick easily.

This is because germs and bacteria that cause diseases spread easily in a dirty environment.

There are different ways to keep our surroundings clean. Below are some of the ways :

1. We must clean our homes daily by:
(a) Sweeping the house.
(b) Dusting the furniture and windows.
(c) Mopping the floor.

Toilet facilities are supposed to make us comfortable. If they are dirty, it can cause germs and diseases.

Also, flies from dirty toilets can cause diseases if they touch our food. We can keep the. toilet clean by :
(a) Sitting well on the toilet seat if it is a water closet.
(b) Flushing the toilet after use.
(c) Keeping the toilet door closed at all times.
(d) Washing the toilet daily and not pouring water on the floor .
3. We must provide dustbins at different places so that we can put our dirt’s inside.
4. We must clean our environment. by :
(a) cutting the grasses and clearing the bushes around our homes.
b. Removing dirt’s from drainages to allow water to flow .

Evaluation :
Questions :
1. A —————- environment helps us to remain in good health.
( a. dirty b. clean c. bad.
2. We should always flush the
toilet after use.
( Yes / No )
3. What are dust bins used for ?
4. Mention two ways by which you can keep your home clean.
a. —————————
b. —————————

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