Buying and Selling in our Community.


Class : Basic 2

Subject : Civic Education.

Topic : Buying and Selling in our Community.


Content :


The money we spend in Nigeria is called naira and Kobo.

People buy food, toys, clothes and other things they need with money.

A bank is where people keep their money.

Keeping your money in the bank is called saving. It is good to save.

We can also save money at home in a piggy bank.



A market is a place where we buy the things that we need.

A market can either be an open air market, a supermarket or a shopping mall

We can buy books, clothes and food from the market.

The people who grow food are called farmers.

Farmers grow the rice, corn, plantain, cassava, vegetables and fruits that we eat.

Farmers take their products to the markets, supermarkets and malls so that people who need them can easily find and buy them.




  1. Where do we buy and sell ?

  2. Money spend in Nigeria is called —————– and ——————

  3. What is a bank ? ——————–

  4. Lists two types of market you know.

a. ——————————-

b. ——————————

  1. We save money in a piggy bank at home. ( True / False).
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