Group-Names of Nouns


CLASS:: Primary 3


TOPIC:: Group-Names.


Example 1

Orange, apple,mango,

tangerine are FRUITS.

The word FRUITS is the group name for orange,apple,mango and tangerine.


Example 2.

Lorry, car, bus, truck are VEHICLES.

The word VEHICLES is the group name for lorry, car, bus, truck.




Write the group names for the following items.


(1)blue, yellow, white, black _______________


(2)small, big, large, tiny_____________


(3)water leaf, okra bitterleaf, lettuce.


(4)April, May, June, July________________


(5)mother, sister, girl, aunty _____________


(6)dog, lion, tiger, goat _______________


(7)circle, square, triangle,rectangle


(8)spoon, fork, knife,


(9)jumping, jogging, skipping, dancing____


(10)butterfly, housefly, bee, ant__________