Underline the word that does not belong to the group

Subject: Verbal Reasoning

Class: Primary Four

Instructions: Answer all Questions

Underline the word that does not belong to these


Example: Water, Liquid, Stone, Kerosene

Now do these

  1. Always, Forever, Never, Endless, Perpetual
  2. Desert, Forsake, Abandon, Abide, Guilt
  3. Disagree, Respect, Stone, Degrade,


  1. Want, Desire, Wish, Need, Reject
  2. Warri, Akure, Forest, Sokoto, Bauchi

Teacher is to pupil as Father is to Mother

Now do these

  1. Grass is to goat as bone is to _________
  2. Hammer is to carpenter as chalk is to
  1. Soil is to plant as water is to _________
  2. Old is to young as Rich is to _________
  3. Accept is t reject as Come is to

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