A visit to Olumo Rock

Class : Basic 1

Subject: English Language (Comprehension)


A visit to Olumo Rock


The pupils of Island Builders Baptist Nursery and Primary School paid a visit to Olumo Rock in Abeokuta. People from different places visit the rock to see interesting things. Ade, Tope,Yemi and Tobi are friends and pupils of Island Builders Baptist School. They were in their school uniform and joined other pupils to go to see Olumo Rock. The pupils rode in their school bus to the Rock.

At Olumo Rock, the pupils saw a huge rock. They also met teachers and pupils from various schools. They were taken round the different parts of the rock by a woman called a guide. She told them stories about the rock, especially how it was used in the past to defend the people of Abeokuta during wars against their enemies. The pupils climbed the rock by using the staircases built on its sides. Yemi and his friends enjoyed every bit of their tour as they had great fun




Write yes if the statement is True and False, if it is not True


  1. Only Yemi and his two friends visited Olumo Rock____________


  1. The pupils were all dressed in their uniform._________


  1. At Olumo rock, the pupils saw a huge elephant_________


  1. The pupils climbed the rock using ladders__________


  1. The guide did not tell the pupils stories about the rock_________


  1. Yemi and his friends had great fun during the tour._______
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