Subject English Language (Comprehension)


Class: Basic 1


Subject English Language (Comprehension)


Topic: Games


Games make children happy and strong. Children play many games.


Some games can be played in the room. They are called indoor games. Examples are ludo, snakes and ladders, and tennis. Some are played outside. They are called outdoor games. Examples are volleyball, netball, football, and hopscotch.


When do children play at school? They play during break. Some of them play football. Others play table tennis and hopscotch. Some girls also play ten- ten. It takes only two players to play ten- ten, table tennis, or hopscotch at a time. You can also have a team of players at opposite side to play. In football, each team much have eleven players, and they try to kick the ball through the other team’s goalposts. The goalposts sometimes have a net behind them. This is to hold the ball when it is kicked with a big kick.


Class work


Answer the following questions


  1. Mention the names of three indoor games children play.






  1. Mention the names of three outdoor games children play.




  1. How many players can play football in each team.



  1. How many players should play hopscotch



  1. Have you seen some people playing ten- ten before?


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