Importance of Drug Education



SUBJECT: Civic Education

TOPIC: Importance of Drug Education




Drug education refers to the things we learn about drugs. It is important for us to have information and knowledge on drugs because of the following:


1. Drug education helps us to know what drugs are.


2. Drug education creates awareness of the need to use drug wisely.


3. Drug education is a way of helping people to show concern for others.


4. Drug education helps us to know the rules and regulations concerning the production and use of drugs.


5. Drug education helps us to know that drugs are capable of causing danger when they are not used properly.


6. Drug Education helps us to know dangerous drugs that people should not touch or carry in their bodies.


7. Drug education helps us to know when drugs can expire.


8. Drug educations help us to know that fake or expired drugs should not be used, bought or sold.




1. What is drug education ?


2. State five importance of drug education.

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