Class : Basic 2

Subject : Social/Studies.

Topic : Adornments


Adornments are cultural items used by people to beautify themselves.


Popular items of adornment in Nigeria include: beads, Chains, cosmetics, rings,

jewellery, earring, tattooing and ring.


Sometimes adornments are worn not only for their beauty.

Traditional practices and religion often play a major part in the adornment of jewellery.

Some types of adornment are worn for a particular reason ranging from ceremonial practice to the identity of a group.


The Climate of an area can affect the kind of material people wear as jewelry.


Some material used in making of adornment include: animal skin and bones, ceramic, cloth, coral, glass, metal, rock and wood.



Questions :

a. What is adornment ?

b. Lists three example of adornment.

1. ————————

2. ————————

3. ————————-

c. Mention two materials used in making adornment.

1. ————————-

2. ————————–

d. —————– are items used by people to beautify themselves.

e. Food is part of adornment.( True / False)

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