Life Coping Skills and Wellbeing


Class: Basic 5


Subject: Social Studies


Topic: Life Coping Skills and Wellbeing.


Wellness is maximum wellbeing or total health. Personal wellness is the combination of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing.


It involves making choices and decisions each day that promote our physical wellbeing, help prevent illness and diseases and enable us to retain totally healthy.


Physical wellbeing involves maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It involves eating healthy food, exercise, rest and good hygiene practices.


Social wellbeing:

This is a very important aspect of total wellbeing that deals with how we relate with other people. It is important to develop positive social interactive skills. These include:

* Being mindful of other people’s emotions;

* Listening




*Making friends

These attitudes promote responsible and respectful behaviour.


There are also certain attitudes and behaviors that promote conflict resolution and problem solving. Some of these are:


Self-esteem: This means having confidence in yourself and loving who you are.


Self-control: This is the ability to control your emotions and your behaviour.


Empathy: This is the ability to understand and share other people’s feelings and emotions.


Forgiveness: Sometimes people make mistakes and hurt our feelings. When we forgive them, we choose to let go of what they have done and move on.


Saying “Sorry” : It is important to learn how to apologize when we do things that are wrong or hurt other people’s feelings.


One of the ways we can develop our physical and social wellbeing is by joining some social groups such as Boys Scout. Girls Guide, Boys Brigade, and Red Cross.


Mental wellbeing:

Mental health is the foundation for the wellbeing of an individual and the community. Exercise is also important to improve our mental wellbeing.


Review Questions:


1) What does it mean to be healthy?


2) Personal wellness is the combination of ______________________, ______________________, ______________________, ______________________.


3) List three attributes of social interactive skills:





4) Briefly explain the following:

(a) Empathy: __________________________________________________________


(b) Self-esteem: __________________________________________________________

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