:Similes Heavy is to lead


Subject :Verbal Reasoning


Similes are words that compare things that are alike in a ways.


Bitter is to gall as sharp is to needle.

Fat is to pig as bold is to (lion)

Heavy is to lead as light is to (feather)

Silly is to sheep as wise is to

Fill in the blanks with the correct
Similes given below-
Leather, dove, fox, snow, gall,
Needle, pig, blunt, dog, lion,child,

1.Faithful is to _____________ as cold is to ice

2.Bitter is to ____________ as ancient is to sun.

3.Sweet is to honey as fat is to _____________

4.Fast is to deer as ___________ is to hammer

5.Poor is to church mouse as
Slippery is to_____________

6.Feeble is to _____________ as devoted is to mother

7.Tough is to ____________ as strong is to horse

8.Bold is to____________ as blind is to bat.

9. Flat is to pancake as gentle is to ___________

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