Civil Ways To Communicate

CIVIL WAYS TO COMMUNICATE (Pragmatics)1. Instead of saying you are lying say THIS IS NOT TRUE

2. Instead of saying this post is fake say ARE YOU SURE OF THIS?

3. Instead of saying you are wrong say THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE

4. Instead of saying you will be punished say THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES TO THIS

5. Instead of saying I am talking and you are not paying attention say I WILL LIKE TO GET YOUR ATTENTION

6. Instead of saying I don’t have your time say I WILL LIKE TO END THE CONVERSATION NOW

7. Instead of saying what you are saying does not make sense say IS THERE ANY OTHER OPTION THAN THIS?

8. Instead of saying what you are doing is bad say THIS BEHAVIOR IS INAPPROPRIATE

9.Instead of saying this child is a slow learner say THIS CHILD IS AN UPCOMING LEARNER

10. Instead of saying ” get out from here” say PLEASE IT WILL BE APPRECIATED YOU LEAVE THIS PLACE.

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