Refuse Disposal Primay 2 Health Education


Class 2 Health Education Week 1/2 Topic:- Care of our body

  1. Wash your body and hair every day.
  2. Comb your hair every day.
  3. Cut your finger nails.
  4. Brush your teeth before and after meals.

Class 2 Health Education Week 2/2 Topic:- Care of our teeth

  1. Clean your teeth everyday with toothbrush and toothpaste or chewing stick.
  2. We clean our teeth so that they will not decay and our mouth will not smell.
  3. We must not use another person’s toothbrush or chewing stick.

Class 2 Health Education Week 3/2 Topic:- Kinds of Food

  1. We eat different kinds of food.

These are: yam, rice, beans, gari, fish, meat, vegetables and bread.

  1. Body-building foods contain protein and they are: Meat, eggs, fish etc.
  2. Energy-giving foods contain carbohydrates and these are: Yam, maize, rice, bread, gari etc.
  3. Vitamins make us healthy and strong.
  4. We get vitamins from fruits and vegetables e.g. oranges, banana, pineapples, apples, mango, cabbage, green leaves.

Class 2 Health Education Week 4/2 Topic:- Kinds of Fruit

  1. We eat different fruits.
  2. They are: mango, orange, pawpaw, guava, apple, cashew, pear etc.
  3. Some fruits are soft and fleshy e.g. tomato, pineapple etc.
  4. Some fruits are hard and dry e.g walnut, coconut etc.
  5. Some fruits have only one seed e.g. mango, avocado pear etc.
  6. Some have many seeds e.g guava, tomato, pawpaw etc

Class 2 Health Education Week 5/2 Topic:- Disease – Fever, Ringworm etc

  1. There are many types of diseases like diarrhea, malaria, measles etc.
  2. Some diseases are caused by: ringworm, guinea worm, mosquitoes, virus etc.
  3. Most of these diseases give high fever.

Class 2 Health Education Week 6/2 Topic:- Care of our surroundings

  1. Sweep the surrounding of your house.
  2. Cut and hoe the bushes around your house.
  3. Collect all your refuse in the dustbin and cover it.
  4. Drain all standing water (still water) in your surroundings.

Class 2 Health Education Week 7/2 Topic:- Refuse Disposal

  1. Keep all refuse in the dustbin.
  2. Keep all refuse in the incinerators.
  3. Burn all refuse in the incinerators.

Class 2 Health Education Week 8/2 Topic:- Refuse Disposal (rev.)

Revision of previous note

Class 2 Health Education Week 9/2 Topic:- General revision of all the topics covered

Class 2 Health Education Week 12/2 Topic:- Sources of Water, Uses and Storage (rev.)

  1. We use water for cooking, drinking and washing.
  2. Water is used for firefighting.
  3. Water is used to produce electricity.
  4. Water is used in chemical and dye factories.

Storage of Water

We can store water in the can, water-tank, bowl, pot, keg, cup etc.


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