Primary 2 CRS Second Term Examination

Primary 2 CRS Second Term Examination


1. ______ has power over natural forces

(a) president (b) father (c) Jesus

2. who calms the storm and walk on the sea?

(a) Peter (b) John (c) Jesus

3. Jesus came to ____us from our sins (a) save

(b) sell (c) buy

4. Jesus _____ the storm (a) sea (b) calm (c) move

5. Peter was one of the ___of Jesus (a) friend

(b) disciple (c) father

6. ____touched Peter’s mother-in law sick and immediately, the fever left her. (a) Jesus (b) John

© Peter

7. Jesus had the ____ to heal sick people

(a) food (b) cloth (c) power

8. Who said these ‘ I tell you, get up, pick up your bed and god home . (a) a man (b) Jesus

© John

9. The people bring the paralyzed man could not get to Jesus because of the ______ crowd .

(a) large (b) small (c) little

10. The man Jairus had how many child (a) one (b) two (c) three

11. The paralysed man being lower down through the ___(a) roof (b) boat (c) ship

12. Jairus trusted that Jesus had the power to heal his ___(a) son (b) daughter (c) father

13. When Jesus followed Jairus to his house , the girl had already ____(a) eating (b) died

(c) playing

14. Who said there “fear not” only believe, and she shall live again”. (a) Matthew (b) Goodluck (c) Jesus

15. Jesus took the dead girl’s hand and said _____ (a) die and go to hell (b) Get up , my child (c) sleep well , my child

16. ____was a friend of Jesus (a) John (b) Lazarus (b) man

17. ____ is the name of Lazarus sisters (a) Mary /Martha (b) Mary / john (c) Mary / mother

18. who became ill and his sisters sent someone to tell Jesus (a) Bello (b) Lazarus (c) John

19. Jesus came how many days later and went to the grave of Lazarus. (a) two days (b) four days (c) five days

20. Prayer is the act of communicating with ____(a) God (b) mother (c) Daddy[mediator_tech]

SECTION B [mediator_tech]

1. Jesus brought Jairus daughter back to ______

2. Jairus daughter was how many years old____

3. Peter was one of the disciples of __________

4. The paralysed man was lay on a bed because he could not ______ or crawl

5. Jesus and His disciples were crossing a lake in a _________________

6. Jesus disciples were afraid because they thought the boat might _______________

7. Jesus commanded the storm to stop and the storm _________________

8. Complete these, get up, pick up your bed and ______________

9. _____________ is the name of Lazarus sister.

10. ____ arose immediately and lived again.


1. How can we be help those who are sick

i. ____________________________________



iv. ____________________________________

2. Jesus said to Jairus, ‘ Don’t be afraid; only believe and she shall live again

Where can we find in ___________________

3. Mention 4 people whom Jesus healed


ii. _______________________________


iv. ________________________________

4. Mention 4 natural forces Jesus has power over


ii. _______________________________


iv. ________________________________

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