THIRD TERM PROMOTIONAL EXAMINATION 2019 CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                         SUBJECT: COMPUTER STUDY   NAME:…………………………………………………………………………………… 1.)   The pressing and releasing of the left mouse button twice rapidly is known as ___________ (a) double clicking  (b) clicking (c) right click   2.)   It is important to secure our computer to prevent them from ______ (a) theft   (b) draft (c) soft   3.)   The black line that blinks on our monitor screen is called ____ (a) cursor (b) arrow (c) line   4.)   The shortcut to align a text to the center direction is _____ (a) Ctrl + J (b) Ctrl + E (c) Ctrl + R   5.)   The process of putting off the computer is by ______________________________ (a) starting                       (b) warming               (c) shutting down   6.)   Which of the following keys is used for typing in uppercase letter? (a) function key              (b) shift key              (c) cap lock key   7.)   The best way to guard our system against a virus is to install __________________________ 8.)   In formatting a text one must _______ the words?  (a) highlight  (b) high jump            (c) high dark   9.)   Word processing package is an example of ____________________ (a) application software            (b) flash disk (c) computer games   10.) Microsoft is owned by __________ (a) Sir Charles Babbage (b) Blaise Pascal            (c) Bill Gates   11.) __________ is used to re-save an existing document (a) copy (b) save as (c) delete     12.) We should take care of our computer by preventing power surge and _______ by connecting it to a UPS. (a) punctuation (b) fluctuation (c) continuation   13.) The _____ and _______ keys when pressed together will change your text to italics. (a)  Ctrl + U          (b) Ctrl + Y               (c) Ctrl + I   14.) ________ is one of the programs used to create or draw object (a) Art (b) MS Paint (c) shop 15.) The short-cut for underline is _____________________________ 16.) Ctrl + X is used to ______ words or sentences in MS Word. (a) copy (b) underline (c) cut 17.) ______________ is used to decorate a text or sentence in Microsoft Word (a)  MS Art (b) Word Art (c) Paint Art   18.) There are how many ways a text can be aligned in MS Word? (a) 5 (b) 2 (c) 4 19.) The drawing area in MS Paint is called a ______ (a) shoe (b) canvas (c) sandal 20.) __is located at the bottom left corner of the desktop screen. (a) Gadgets (b) Start menu (c) Icons   Theory: 1.)   List two ways of taking care of our computers 2.)   Draw the Nigerian Flag using Microsoft Word  

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