: PRIMARY 6                                                             
Part A: Objectives Fill the gaps with the right option from the given alternatives
1.)   Paul’s original name was _____ (a) Peter (b) John (c) Saul
2.)   Where was Paul born? (a) Taritat (b) Damascus (c) Tarsus of Asia
3.)   Paul was a ________ of the Christian before he met Christ (a) persecutor (b) teacher (c) pastor
4.)   Where was Saul going when he met with Christ (a) Jerusalem (b) Damascus (c) Rome
5.)   What happened to Saul on his way (a) a great light from heaven flashed around him (b) water from sky splash around him (c) force flash from heaven flash around him
6.)   After Paul’s baptism, he started to ______ (a) kill the Christians (b) preach the gospel (c) pull down churches
7.)   Lydia was a dealer in ________ cloth (a) purple (b) red (c) white
8.)   Paul’s missionary journey began, he was called by the _____ (a) man of God (b) spiritual king (c) holy Spirit
9.)   Evangelism is the responsibility of _____ (a) evangelist (b) pastors only (c) every believer
10.) Paul raised a _______ at Trous (a) cripple (b) Eutychus (c) Elymas
11.) ____________ said “separate Barnabas and Paul for the work I have called them (a) Peter (b) Silas (c) the holy spirit
12.) Which of these cities did Paul preach (a) Cornish (b) Bethlehem (c) Egypt
13.) Paul wrote to the following people except _______ (a) Ephesians (b) Romans (c) Matthew
14.) Paul met opposition at ____ (a) Philippine (b) China (c) Asia
15.) At midnight Paul and Silas ______ to God (a) fought (b) prayed (c) smiled
16.) ___________ obeyed the commandment of God (a) satan (b) pharaoh (c) Abraham
17.) A ________ was hung on a stick in the wilderness (a) goat (b) serpent (c) flag
18.) __________ prayed to God on behalf of the Israelites (a) Paul (b) Judas (c) Moses
19.) __________ means God is with us (a) Jesus (b) Emmanuel (c) Christ
20.) During the Passover, God told the children of Israel to kill _____ (a) snake (b) lamb or sheep (c) rat          
  Part B: Theory
1.)   List four epistles of Paul
  (a) ________________________________         
   (b) ________________________________
(c) ________________________________        
    (d) ________________________________  
2.)   Mention four people that helped Paul in his missionary journey  
(a) ________________________________         
   (b) ________________________________
(c) ________________________________      
      (d) ________________________________
3.)   Mention four communities visited by Paul during his missionary work
  (a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________ (c) ________________________________            (d) ________________________________
4.)   Narrate the event that happened when Paul and Silas were in Prison   __________________________________________________________________________        __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________        __________________________________________________________________________  
5.)   Mention four steps for achieving our goals   __________________________________________________________________________        __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________        __________________________________________________________________________        
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