An important cause of stagnation in schools is division… When there is

division in a school the school CAN NEVER grow…

I am not mincing words, teachers having factions, management staff against

teaching staff

A school owner important work is to stop divisions among staff no matter

what happens.

Division of anything can never give greater number. Please stop division in

your school, if you keep quiet the you should bear the consequences

What causes divisions???

1. School leadership
2. Parent issues
3. School events
4. Staff achievement

5. Staff indolence and laziness

Mysteries attract companies… If you don’t want division in your school

don’t give room for laziness and unnecessary talks amidst staff

Be ready to combat staff that proves stubborn and uncontrollable by school


If you tolerate such staff he/she will have companies and give you problem

Good morning sharpers and builders of future

Your commitment as a school owner determines the commitment of your staff

which in turn determines the result of the entire school

Your competitors are not school owners that have schools close by

Your competitors are those people that have the same commitment or better

commitment to the school work than you

Increase your commitment today and see better result

How do you increase your commitment?

When was the last time you had a major development in the school?

What is your disposition towards income that come to the school?

What do you think of your parents?

Who is external that comes to put perspectives in your school?

The are 6 areas of important development in your school
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