Why Parents Leave Schools

Why parents leave schools… 

Parents leave schools because of close substitutes at cheaper fees.
Please a close substitute is not another school close by. A close substitute is a school that offers your kind of value but charge lower fees
A proprietor once asked me what to do when schools around keep taking his parents…
I quickly correct the notion that schools take parents from another schools… No school has the capacity to do such
Instead, parents leave a school for another school. As a school owner you need take the responsibility of parents leaving your school
There is no blame for a school that want to survive that keep calling your parents and doing all sorts to win them over…
You are the one that is suppose to guard what you have. Don’t play a blame game… You are in a highly competitive arena… The little result you have is coveted by so many people
A proprietor recently told me how someone went to his school on a Saturday just to observe his play materials and school equipment
I told him to get security for weekend and then work on his school. There is a school in his area that is about to become a substitute.
Substitutes will not just look for your strengths or what you do well. They also look for your weaknesses or what you are not doing well. 
When parents see that your value can be gotten elsewhere at a cheaper fee, they will leave.
Do everything to keep your value intact by constantly training your staff, working on your operations, improving school conditions and performance
Also keeping getting new parents and maintain zero tolerance to exit.
If you have a good parent in your school, do everything to keep them. They are hard to come by.
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