Christian Religious Knowledge
Basic 3
Second Term Exams
Bible Knowledge


  1. ___________ gave birth to Jesus (a) Esther (b) Mary (c) Bola (d) Joy
  2. The __________ wise men visited Jesus (a) nine (b) four (c) three (d) six
  3. Jesus was born in _________ (a) Nigeria (b) Togo (c) Bethlehem (d) Egypt
  4. King _________ planned to kill Jesus (a) Herod (b) Peter (c) John (d) Moses
  5. Jesus turned water into ______ (a) oil (b) wine (c) cream (d) snack
  6. For us to become children of _____________, we must be born again (a) man     (b) God          (c) mummy    (d) uncle
  7. A good shepherd is someone who loves his _____ (a) hen (b) cat (c) sheep (d) goat
  8. The _________ is the word of God (a) bread of life (b) cake of life (c) blood of life (d) rice and stew  
  9. ______ is the holy book used by Christian (a) textbook (b) bible (c) Quran (d) story book
  10. __________ paid for our sin (a) Thomas   (b) Jesus        (c) Nicodemus          (d) Peter
  11. ________ separated us from God (a) food (b) soap (c) sin (d) dance
  12. ________ said that Christians are the salt of the earth (a) Moses (b) James (c) Jesus (d) Isaac
  13. ______ perished in the Red Sea (a) Nigeria (b) Egyptians (c) Israelites (d) Jericho
  14. The Passover means to _____ (a) jump over (b) dance over (c) cross over (d) eat over
  15. A good shepherd knows his sheep and calls them by name (a) yes (b) no (c) maybe (d) none of the above
  16. Jesus has _________ disciples (a) 24         (b) 12                         (c) 15             (d) 21
  17. Food without salt is ______ (a) nice (b) sweet (c) tasteless (d) good
  18. ____________ had the children of Israel out of Egypt  (a) Moses (b) John (c) Isaac (d) Peter
  19. Jesus fed five thousand people with __________ loaves of bread and ______ fishes (a) five and two (b) six and three (c) four and three (d) three and seven
  20. Christians are the followers of ________ (a) Mohammed (b) Jesus Christ (c) John the Baptist (d) Samuel Peter  



  1. The bread of life means _______________________________________________________  
  2.  Who is a good shepherd? ______________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________
  3. ______________ are the salt of the earth
  4.  State two qualities of a good shepherd ________________ and ____________________
  5. What does the name Emmanuel means ________________________________________
  6. What is Passover? ____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________
  7. Christians as the light of the world means ________________________________________
  8. What is suffering? ____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________
  9. ______________________ is the only way to the father
  10. What is prayer _______________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________


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