FIRST TERM PRIMARY SIX Revision Basic science and Technology

CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                        



1.)   Hinge joint is found at the ____ (a) chest (b) elbow (c) hip (d) neck

2.)   Which of the following is a magnetic material________ (a)  iron     (b) paper        (c) plastic      (d) wood  

3.)   The removal of waste products from the body of animals is called ____ (a) excretion       (b) irritability            (c) nutrition   (d)  reproduction  

4.)   The boiling point of water is _____ 0C    (a) 10   (b) 100   (c) 1000   (d) 10000

5.)   Which of the following is not a sense organ _____ (a) ear (b) eye (c) heart (d) skin

6.)   In science, common salt is also known as ______ (a)  copper sulphate (b) hydrogen chloride (c) sodium chloride (d) zinc chloride  

7.)   A machine made of plank or metal support placed in a slant position to form a sloping surface is called ____ (a) pulley (b) magnet (c) lever (d) wheel  

8.)   Iron filing can be separated from sand through the use of ____ (a) spoon (b) separator (c) magnet  (d) selector  

9.)   When the moon comes in between the sun and the earth is known as the eclipse of the  (a) moon     (b) sun            (c) earth         (d) planet  

10.)          Which of the following is a synthetic drug ____ (a) palm wine      (b) paracetamol        (c) kolanut     (d) bitter leaf  

11.)          The amount of water vapour in the air is called _____ (a) humidity (b) sunshine (c) temperature       (d) cloud  

12.)    Soil can be prepared for planting except_ (a) heaps (b) drainages (c) beds (d) ridges

13.) Solar system comprises the sun and the_ (a) cloud (b) planets (c) atmosphere (d) star

14.)          Day and night are caused by the movement of the earth ____ (a) random           (b) revolutional        (c) rotational                         (d) rectangular  

15.)          The following are ways of controlling erosion except ____ (a) making garden beds (b) planting of cover crops         (c) crop rotation       (d) bush burning  

16.) When cautic soda is mixed with oil,__ is produced (a) soap (b) salt (c) soup (d) sugar

17.)    The transfer of pollen grain from the another to the stigma of a flower is known as _ (a) pollination    (b) fertilization            (c) pollution (d) conduction  

18.)          The muscular organ that pumps blood round the body is known as ____ (a) cardine           (b) arrest        (c) heart         (d) plasma  

19.)          Which of the following is not a cereal ____ (a) yam  (b) rice (c) maize (d) millet

20.)          Which of the following is not refined from crude oil ____  (a) petrol             (b) iron           (c) diesel       (d) kerosene    

21.) The Lagos State Government agency in charge of waste collection and disposal is _ (a) LASSRA   (b) LASSA     (c) LAWMA (d) NECO  

22.)          During respiration the exchange of gas takes place in the____ (a) lung    (b) liver          (c) nose          (d) mouths  

23.)          Which of the following is not a water project ____ dams (a)  port     (b) river         (c) basin         (d) rainfall  

24.)          Muscles are attached to the bones by means of _____ (a)  tendon            (b) cartilage   (c) vessels     (d) vein

  25.)          These are the properties of air except ____ (a) it occupies space (b) air has weight (c) it has pressure   (d) it has liquid.

  26.)          Which of the following is not a sexually transmitted disease _____ (a) gonorrhea      (b) syphilis    (c) herpes      (d) malaria  

27.)          Unripe fruits always appear in ____ colour   (a) blue (b) yellow (c) red (d) green

28.)          Melting of ice block is an example of _____ change (a) temporary (b) permanent (c) pubertal    (d) developmental  

29.)          Good maintenance prevents metals from _____ (a)  decaying        (b) rusting      (c) insulating             (d) forming  

30.)          ______ is anything that has weight and occupies space (a)  Ghost              (b) spirit        (c) matter       (d) attitude  

Part B: Theory

1.)   What is magnet

b.) Mention three devices that we can find magnet  

2.)   What is friction

b.) Mention two advantages of friction

3.)   What is a lever

b.) Mention three parts of a lever

4.)   What is first aid?

b.) Mention three objects that can be found in a first aid box

5.)   What is maintenance

b.) Mention two major types of maintenance

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