Basic Science Primary 5 First Term Lesson Notes

Revision Basic Science Primary 5 Week 11 First Term Lesson Notes / Plans

Class: Primary 5 Subject: Basic Science Topic: Revision – Waste Management Sub-topic: Importance of Proper Waste Disposal Duration: 40 minutes Term: First Term Week: 11 Set Induction: Begin by asking students about items they throw away daily and where they think those items go. This will set the stage for discussing why waste disposal matters.

Plants’ Reproduction Basic Science Primary 5 First Term Lesson Notes Week 11

Lesson Plan Presentation: Subject: Basic Science Class: Primary 5 Term: 1 Week: 11 Topic: Plants’ Reproduction Sub-topic: Meaning, Types (Sexual and Asexual), Types of Asexual Reproduction Duration: 45 minutes Set Induction: Show pictures of different plants and ask students what they know about how plants make new plants. Learning Objectives: Understand the meaning of plant