First Term Examination Basic Science and Technology Primary 5

First Term Examination

Basic Science and Technology

Primary 5

Part A ( Objectives )

Instructions : Answer the following questions by picking the best option from the given alternatives

  1. Pollution simply means to _____________________________ a. purify b. contaminate c. pamper

  2. To defile or make unfit for both man’s and animals’ use is ______________ a. pollution b. parade c. paramount

  3. __________ factors are living things in the environment. a. Abiotic b. Biotic  c. Criminal

  4. Pollution makes the environment __________ for both plants and animals . a. safe b. unsafe  c. unique

  5. ________________ are things that cause pollution. a. Pollutants b. Environment c. Elements

  6. __________ pollution affects the air . a. Air b. Water c. Land

  7. ___________ pollution involves the contamination of water there by making it unsafe for drinking a. Air b. Water c. Land

  8. ___________ is an example of air pollutant a. Dust b. Rain c. Forest

  9. Oil spillage is an example of ______________ pollution a. Water b. Air c. Land

  10. Making old useless materials useful again is known as ______________ a. resurrection b. revival c. recycling

  11. Old Plastic bottles and paper can be recycled. ___________ a, Yes b. no c. not sure

  12. ________ is the washing away of the upper part of the soil by wind or water . a . erosion b. Bacterial c. Removal

  13. A dead decaying rat is an example of _________ pollution a. Water b. Land c. Air

  14. Tear gas is an example of ___________ pollutant . a. Air b. water c. land

  15. Proper ventilation of rooms or bedrooms could be one of the possible solutions to _________ pollution . a. water b. air  c. land

  16. __________________ erosion occurs when there is a rapid movement of water or strong wind that removes the cover soil surface . a. rill b. Gulley c. Percolation

  17. ___________ erosion is easily notices in the temperate arid desert region of the world . a. Water b. Gulley c. Wind

  18. One of the causes of erosion is too much _________. a. rainfall b. sunlight  c. money

  19. Erosion can be controlled by building ______________ a. bridges b. ridges c. stiches

  20. Deforestation means indiscriminate __________ of tress a. felling b. falling c. fallen

Part B Theory 

Write out answer to the following  questions . Pay attention to spellings , legibility and  proper usage of punctuation marks .

Answer any five questions.

  1. What is pollution ?

  2. What is erosion ?

  3. What is afforestation ?

  4. Mention two air pollutants

  5. Mention two effects of air pollution .

  6. Write out two ways of solving the problems of air pollution .

  7. Mention two types of erosion .

  8. Mention two ways of controlling erosion

  9. Mention two water pollutants

  10. What is deforestation ?

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