Social Studies Primary 2 Third Term Revision

  1. ……….. is the study of man and his environment . (social studies , Geography)
  2. …… the head of the family (Father , Mother)
  3. We can see birds, and pets in our …………(environment, atmosphere)
  4.  The family is made up of father ,mother or mothers and their ………(children,pets)
  5. Who is the head of the family,,,,,(father,mother)
  6. Who pays the children school fees (father , mother)
  7. Who prepares food for the family to eat (father,mother)
  8. ……….. is the way of life of any group of people .(Culture , Marriage)
  9. ,…….is an example of bad culture (kidnapping, Marriage)
  10. ………is an example of good culture (Respect , Human rituals)
  11. Solid drugs can be in the form of tablets, caplets, or _________.
    a) syrup
    b) capsules
    c) injections
  12.  Examples of drugs include panadol, paracetamol, penicillin, aspirin, and _________.
    a) neofylin
    b) vitamins
    c) antibiotics
  13.  Drugs are substances taken into the body to _________ diseases or illnesses.
    a) cause
    b) cure
    c) prevent
  14.  Drugs are given to sick people by _________ or _________.
    a) friends or family
    b) doctors or nurses
    c) teachers or students
  15.  Drugs can be taken through the _________ or injected into the body.
    a) nose
    b) mouth
    c) ears
  16.  Taking drugs can _________ us from sickness or diseases.
    a) protect
    b) expose
    c) ignore
  17.  The polio vaccine is an example of a drug that helps _________.
    a) cure diseases
    b) prevent diseases
    c) improve health
  18.  We take drugs to _________ our health.
    a) deteriorate
    b) improve
    c) ignore
  19.  Drugs are used to _________ diseases and illnesses.
    a) spread
    b) cure
    c) create
  20.  _________ drugs can be in the form of syrup.
    a) Liquid
    b) Solid
    c) Injectable
  21.  Tablets, caplets, and capsules are examples of _________ drugs.
    a) liquid
    b) solid
    c) gas
  22.  Panadol, paracetamol, and penicillin are examples of _________.
    a) foods
    b) drugs
    c) drinks
  23.  Drugs are given to sick people by _________.
    a) police officers
    b) doctors or nurses
    c) teachers or students
  24.  Taking drugs can help _________ diseases and illnesses.
    a) cure
    b) create
    c) ignore
  25. Legal drugs are drugs that can be used if _________ by a doctor.
    a) bought from a store
    b) prescribed
    c) shared with friends


  26.  Legal drugs are sold if the buyer presents a _________.
    a) prescription form
    b) shopping list
    c) identification card


  27. Examples of legal drugs include Valium 5 and _________.
    a) cough syrup
    b) Augmentin
    c) heroin


  28.  Socially acceptable drugs are well-known and can be sold without a _________.
    a) doctor’s prescription
    b) price tag
    c) warning label


  29.  Socially acceptable drugs can be used to cure _________.
    a) pains and aches
    b) addiction
    c) diseases


  30.  Examples of socially acceptable drugs include Paracetamol/Ampicilin and _________.
    a) heroin
    b) marijuana
    c) cough syrups


  31. Illegal drugs are considered harmful to the _________.
    a) environment
    b) body
    c) economy


  32.  The law _________ people from using illegal drugs.
    a) encourages
    b) prevents
    c) promotes


  33. Anybody found with illegal drugs may be _________.
    a) rewarded
    b) arrested
    c) praised


  34.  Examples of illegal drugs include heroin, marijuana, Indian hemp, and _________.
    a) Valium 5
    b) cocaine
    c) Augmentin


  35.  Legal drugs require a _________ from a doctor.
    a) prescription
    b) license
    c) permission slip


  36.  Socially acceptable drugs can be sold in _________ stores.
    a) grocery
    b) drug
    c) clothing


  37.  Illegal drugs are _________ by the law.
    a) encouraged
    b) banned
    c) promoted


  38.  Using illegal drugs can lead to _________ consequences.
    a) positive
    b) negative
    c) neutral


  39.  Examples of socially acceptable drugs include Paracetamol/Ampicilin and _________.
    a) heroin
    b) marijuana
    c) cough syrups
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