Our duties and obligations to government. Meaning of duties and obligation. Duties of pupils in a school Duties of children in a family



Topic :

Our duties and obligations to government

(A). Meaning of duties and obligation.

(B). Duties of pupils in a school

(C) Duties of children in a family


Class :

Primary 5

Term :

Third Term

Week :

Week 2

Instructional Materials :

Textbooks, online reference, Cardboard, The National flag,

Previous Knowledge :

The pupils have been taught The arms of government in their previous lesson.

Behavioural Objectives :  At the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to

  • say the meaning of duties
  • explain the meaning of obligation
  • say those responsibilities that they are expected to carry out as children at home
  • Mention pupils duties in schools


Reference Materials 

  • Online Resource Materials
  • Various Textbooks on Civic Education Book 4
  • Lagos State Upper Primary Scheme of Work For Primary 4


Content :


What are duties?

Duties are those responsibilities, work or assignment that are expected of us to carried out as pupils.


Obligations are those duties that you must perform morally or in accordance to traditions or some laws after enjoying some benefits or gains or privileges.

Our Duties and Obligations to Government

  1. I is our duties as citizens of this great country Nigeria to always respect our national symbols
  2. We must stand up when ever the national anthem is being sung
  3. Adults that are working are expected to pay taxes to government towards the development of the country
  4. It is the duty of everybody that lives in Nigeria to be peaceful and law abiding citizens
  5. It is the Civic duty of every qualified adult to take active part in election by voting or standing to be voted for


Duties of pupils in a school 

  1. Paying attention to teachers when they are giving out lessons
  2. Participating actively in class activities.
  3. Obey all constituted school authorities like head teachers, HODs, class teachers, prefects etc
  4. Making sure that all homework and assignment are done
  5. Do not play rough within and outside the school compound



Some duties of children at home

  1. Washing of plates
  2. Sweeping the floor
  3. Dusting of TV to make them neater and cleaner
  4. Washing of small clothes like napkin, handkerchief, socks and their underwear
  5. Respect your brothers and sisters and take care of your siblings when your parents are not at home.


The topic is presented step by step


Step 1: The class teacher revises the previous topics


Step 2. He introduces the new topic


Step 3: The class teacher allows the pupils to give their own examples and he corrects them when the needs arise


Evaluation :

  1. What is tax

  2. Draw the Nigerian National Flag

  3. What is obligation

  4. What is the right voting age in Nigeria


Conclusion :


The class teacher rounds up the lesson by giving the pupils a short note on the topic. He goes round to mark


Assignment :

Read about The National Pledge

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