Marking Guide For Physical and Health Education Examination Questions for J.S.S. Three

  1. Government Body for Drug Trafficking Enforcement:
    • NDLEA is the agency that stops drug trafficking 🚔
  2. Body Part Not Touching Ground in Forward Roll:
    • Your palms don’t touch the ground when you do a forward roll 🤲
  3. Vitamin Necessary for Blood Clotting:
    • Vitamin K helps blood to clot and stop bleeding 💊
  4. Cause of Poor Posture:
    • If you have bad posture, it might be because of an injury 🤕
  5. World Football Governing Body:
    • FIFA is the big boss of football all over the world ⚽
  6. Function of the Skeleton:
    • Our skeleton protects our organs and keeps us in shape 💀
  7. Classification of Hurdles Event:
    • Hurdles are part of track and field events 🏃‍♂️
  8. Example of Throwing Event:
    • When athletes throw a hammer, it’s a throwing event 🔨
  9. Zone for Baton Exchange Among Runners:
    • The change-over box is where runners pass the baton 🏃‍♂️
  10. Energy Source for Muscular Activities:
    • Muscles get energy from carbohydrates like bread 🍞
  11. Denotation of Human Trafficking:
    • Human trafficking means forcing people into slavery or exploitation 💔
  12. Weapon of Attack in Volleyball:
    • Spiking the ball is like hitting it hard over the net 🏐
  13. Ability to Float Confidently in Water:
    • Buoyancy helps you stay afloat and feel safe in water 🌊
  14. Officials Protecting Drowning Swimmers:
    • Lifeguards rescue people who are drowning 🏊‍♂️
  15. Types of Water Supply:
    • We can get water from rivers (surface) or wells (underground) 💧
  16. Purpose of Ancient Dancing:
    • People danced in the olden days for fun and to honor gods or spirits ⚔️
  17. Expressive Movement in Dance:
    • Dancing is all about moving your body to the rhythm of music 💃
  18. Characteristic of a Healthy Person:
    • Healthy people have strong bodies and minds 💪🧠
  19. Passing of Characteristics from Parents to Offspring:
    • Some things we inherit from our parents, like eye color or height 🧬
  20. Starting Method for Tall Athlete:
    • Tall athletes use an elongated start to race faster 🏃‍♂️
  21. Another Name for Traditional Wrestling:
    • Traditional wrestling is also called “ijalo” 💪
  22. Ability to Perform Work Without Fatigue:
    • Physical fitness means having enough energy for daily activities 🏋️‍♂️
  23. Association Controlling Hockey in Nigeria:
    • The Nigeria Amateur Hockey Federation manages hockey in Nigeria 🏑
  24. Benefit NOT Derived from Physical Education:
    • Physical education isn’t about becoming a professional athlete, it’s about staying healthy and having fun 👨‍🎓
  25. Consumer Education Importance:
    • Knowing your rights as a consumer helps you make smart choices when buying things 🛡️
  26. Official Ensuring Simultaneous Race Start:
    • The starter makes sure all runners begin the race together 🏁
  27. Common Sport Injuries:
    • Athletes might get bruises, sprains, or cramps during sports 💥
  28. Number of Players in Hockey Team:
    • There are 11 players on a hockey team 🏑
  29. Final Say in Soccer Game:
    • The referee is in charge and makes the final decisions ⚽
  30. Ability to Float in Water:
    • Buoyancy helps you stay above water and feel comfortable 🌊
  1. Gymnastics Injury Exception:
    • Most gymnastics injuries are fractures or strains, but drowning isn’t a common one 🏊‍♂️
  2. Lanes in Standard Olympic Swimming Pool:
    • Olympic swimming pools have 8 lanes for swimmers 🏊‍♂️
  3. Fundamental Skill in Volleyball:
    • Spiking the volleyball is a key move to score points 🏐
  4. Requirement to Play Hockey:
    • All you need is a hockey stick to play hockey 🏑
  5. Study of Nutrition:
    • Nutrition is about learning how food gives us energy and keeps us healthy 🥦
  6. Component of Good Health:
    • Drinking enough water is super important for staying healthy 💧
  7. Pool Hygiene Process:
    • Keeping the pool clean with regular showering helps prevent germs from spreading 🚿
  8. Recruitment for Slavery, Forced Labor, or Servitude:
    • Human trafficking is when people are forced to work without pay or treated unfairly 🛂
  9. Emotional Consequence of Child Abuse:
    • Child abuse can make kids feel sad, scared, or lonely 😔
  10. Primary Meaning of Sewage:
    • Sewage is the dirty water and waste that goes down drains and toilets 💦
  11. Handball Movement to Deceive Opponent:
    • Faking in handball means pretending to throw the ball one way, then going the other way 🤹‍♂️
  12. Type of Races Including 100m:
    • Sprint races like the 100m are short and fast 🏃‍♂️
  13. Purpose of Swimming:
    • Swimming is great for staying safe in water, having fun, and keeping fit 🏊‍♂️
  14. Aquatic Sports Exception:
    • Shooting isn’t a water sport, but swimming and diving are 🎯
  15. Term Associated with Shot Put:
    • Shot putters throw a heavy ball in a sector, like a big circle 🎯
  16. Gymnastic Activity Performed on Mat:
    • Doing a forward roll on a mat helps gymnasts practice safely 🤸‍♂️
  17. Ossification in Bone:
    • Ossification means bones getting stronger and harder as we grow 💪
  18. Promotion of Sports in Society:
    • Sports bring people together and keep us healthy, but they shouldn’t make us fight ⚔️
  19. Methods of Refuse Disposal Exception:
    • Using water to get rid of trash isn’t a good idea, but burning or recycling is better 🚮
  20. Example of Contact Sport:
    • Wrestling is a sport where players touch and grapple with each other 💪
  21. Characteristics of Recreation Exception:
    • Having fun and playing sports are great, but sometimes they can get too serious and competitive 🏗️
  22. Treatment for Dislocation Exception:
    • Ice blocks can help reduce swelling and pain after a dislocation, but they’re not the main treatment ❄️
  23. Father of Physical Education in Nigeria:
    • Isaac Akioye is remembered as the pioneer of physical education in Nigeria 👨‍🏫
  24. Example of Locomotor Movements:
    • Walking is a basic movement that helps us get around from place to place 🚶‍♂️
  25. Skill to Return Low Ball in Volleyball:
    • Digging the volleyball means scooping it up low to the ground to keep the game going 🏐
  26. Exchange of Strokes in Tennis:
    • Rallying in tennis is like a back-and-forth conversation between players, hitting the ball over the net 🎾
  27. Pole-vaulter Requirement Exception:
    • Twisting in the air helps pole-vaulters clear the bar, but they also need courage and concentration 🔄
  28. Effect of Drug Abuse Exception:
    • Drug abuse can lead to many problems, like poor health, but it won’t help you sleep better 😴
  29. Number of Groups in Athletics:
    • Athletics is divided into five groups, each with different events to compete in 🏃‍♂️

In Tennis, Receiver Hitting Ball Hard into Opponent’s Side:

  • When a player hits the ball hard into the opponent’s side of the court in tennis, it’s called smashing the ball 🎾

Section B

Attempt four questions only

1a. Explanation of Combined Events: – Combined events in sports are competitions where athletes participate in more than one event. For example, in the decathlon, athletes compete in 10 different track and field events over two days.

1b. Types of Combined Events: – Examples: – Decathlon (e.g., 100m, long jump, shot put) – Heptathlon (e.g., 100m hurdles, high jump, javelin throw)

2a. Full Meaning of STI, HIV, AIDS: – STI: Sexually Transmitted Infection – HIV: Human Immunodeficiency Virus – AIDS: Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

2b. Preventions of AIDS: – Examples: – Using condoms during sex – Avoiding sharing needles for injections

3a. Contact and Non-Contact Sports: – Contact Sports: Involve physical contact between players, like rugby – Non-Contact Sports: Don’t involve physical contact, like swimming

3b. Examples of Contact and Non-Contact Sports: – Contact Sports: Rugby, wrestling – Non-Contact Sports: Swimming, tennis

4a. Types of Environmental Pollution: – Air Pollution: When harmful gases are released into the air – Water Pollution: When pollutants contaminate water sources

4b. Preventions of Environmental Pollution: – Examples: – Using renewable energy sources – Proper waste disposal and recycling


Physical and Health Education Examination Questions for J.S.S. Three

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