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SUBJECT: Mathematics

  1. Convert 12314 to a number in base 6. a) 105b) 3016   c)  5016   d) 2346
  2. If 23X = 325 , find the value of x  a) 7    b) 6    C) 5   d) 4
  3. Evaluate 11011two +111101two  a) 111010two  b) 111001two   c) 110001two   d)101001two
  4. The product of y7 and y³ is equal to   a) y10  b)y21  c)y4 c)y2
  5. Simplify 5553  a) 23  b) 25  c) 10  d) 45
  6. Simplify 40.5  a) 3  b) 4  c) 2  d) 7
  7. 1612    a)  2   b) 4  c) 7  d 3
  8. convert 3104  a) 5110   b)  5210  c) 5310   d) 5010  
  9. Simplify 2345 + 4345   a) 12335 b) 12235 c) 1243d)12335
  10. Simplify 11112 – 10112   a)  0112   b) 1002 c) 1102 d) 1012


SUBJECT: English Studies

Choose the one nearest in meaning

  1. One thing I hate about your friend is that he is bogus a) too big b) showy c) fake
  2. A lorry is too small to move my things, I need a truck a) a lorry is smaller than a truck b) a truck is longer than a lorry c) lorry and truck refer to the same thing

Choose the option that best fill the gap.

  1. Infinity Records and Films ________ political prostitute a) presents b) present c) presenting
  2. Power Holding plc. In conjunction with the Government of Lagos state _____ organizing power conference in Lagos a) are b) is c) were
  3. The ship is on _____ a) course b) cause c) course
  4. The ship _____ at 10a.m.       a) leaves b) leave c) is to have been leaving
  5. The vice chancellor, together with the management team ___ the orphanage yearly a) visit b) visits c) visiting
  6. Bayowa films and records and Coventry films _____ “Kalo-kalo” a) presents b) present c) presenting
  7. The former chairman did not do a proper ____________ of relevant documents a) hand over b) handling over c) handing over.
  8. GNAS roads are now very good. They were ____________ early this morning by the director’s beautiful wife a) commissioned b) contracted c) opened


  1. Choice is a system of selecting …….  out of many alternative (a) two (b) one (c) three
  2. Opportunity cost enables people make  …….. Choice among competing wants (a) right (b) wrong (c) competing
  3. Opportunity cost is an expression of cost in terms of _______(a)wants (b)forgone alternatives (c) satisfied want 
  4. In bar chat there must be _____between one bar and another (a)gap (b)no gap (c)table
  5. ________is the creation of utility (a) demand (b) production (c) supply
  6. ____goods can be used over and over again(a)producer(b) durable (c) capital
  7. _________production is the type of production in which an individual produces goods for family use only (a) direct (b) indirect (c) opposite
  8. _______production is the extraction of raw materials provided by nature(a) secondary (b) primary (c)tertiary
  9. The conversion of basic raw materials into finished goods is called _______ production (a) secondary (b)pre primary (c) post primary
  10. The goods that are used up at once are called ______goods(a) durable (b)active(c) non-durable.

SUBJECT: Biology

  1. What is biology?   (a) The study of planets (b) The study of living organisms and their interactions (c) The study of rocks and minerals 
  2. Which term refers to the smallest unit of life? (a) Atom (b) Cell (c) Organ
  3. Which of the following is a characteristic of living organisms? (a) Inorganic composition (b) Lack of organization (c) Ability to reproduce and grow 
  4. Which branch of biology focuses on the study of plants? (a) Zoology (b) Botany (c) Microbiolog
  5. What is the primary source of energy for most living organisms? (a) Air (b) Sunlight (c) Water 
  6. What is the study of the relationships between living organisms and their environment called? (a) Genetics (b) Ecology (c) Anatomy (d) Physiology
  7. What is the process by which organisms gradually change over time through natural selection? (a) Revolution (b) Mutation (c) Evolution 
  8. What does the term “species” refer to? (a) A group of unrelated organisms (b) Any living thing (c) Organisms that can interbreed and produce fertile offspring
  9. The study of heredity and variation in living organisms is called? (a) Microbiology (b) Zoology (c) Genetics
  10. Which scientific method involves making observations, forming hypotheses, conducting experiments, and drawing conclusions?(a) Random guessing (b) Logical reasoning (c) The scientific method

SUBJECT: Chemistry

  1. A stage in scientific method of discoveries is (a) Evaporating (b) Hypothesis (c) Dehydrating
  2. A theory which has been extensively tested and proven correct without any exception becomes (a) scientific law (b) hypothesis (c) experiment
  3. Career prospects in chemistry includes all the following EXCEPT _________ (a) Biochemistry (b) Quality control (c) Accounting
  4. An apparatus in the laboratory in which the preparation of poisonous gases is done is called (a) distillation tank (b) Aspirator bottle (c) fume cupboard (d) bell jar
  5. In the laboratory _______ is used for the storing distilled water during experiment  (a) gas jar (b) Woulffs bottle (c) Aspirator bottle
  6. Two liquids which are immiscible with each other can be separated using _________ (a) bell jar (b) gas jar (c) wash bottle (d) separating funnel
  7. An apparatus  used during titration experiments and also in transferring small volume of solution is; (a) conical flask (b) Burette (c) flat bottom flask
  8. One of the branches of Chemistry is ________ (a) Environmental chemistry (b) Social Chemistry (c) Inorganic chemistry
  9. Test-tube is used in qualitative analyses to hold _________ (a) Reactant (b) chemical (c) water
  10. Chemistry can be defined as a branch of science which deals with ___________ (a) The study of Life (b) The study of the Matter  (c) The study of Environment


  1. Which of the units of the following physical quantities is not derived unit?(a) Area(b)Thrust (c)Mass
  2. Which of the following is a fundamental unit?(a) Kgm−3(b) m3 (c)  Kg
  3. Which of the following quantities has the same unit as energy?(a) Power(b) Work(c) Force
  4. Which of the following is a derived unit? (a) Ampere(b) Kg (c) Secons (d) joules 
  5. Which of the following is a fundamental unit? (a) Impulse(b) Upthrust(c) Distance
  6. The international agreed system of unit (S.I.) for physical measurement are _______ (a) lb, ft, sec (b) g, m, sec (c) kg, m, sec
  7. We have how many physical quantity  a) 3  b) 7 c) 4 d) 2
  8. The product of force and it’s perpendicular distance is refers to as a) work b) energy c) power
  9. The rate of change of distance with respect to time is ?   a) velocity b) speed c) acceleration
  10. The dimension for velocity is. a)MLT b)MLT-1  c) LT-1

SUBJECT: Government

  1. The study of government helps us to _________ a) Know our rights  b) evade tax c) disobey government
  2. The THEORY of a primitive society was initiated by   a) Nelson Mandela b) Thomas Hobbes c) Nnamdi Azikiwe
  3. The fourth organ of government is the _______   a) High court b) electoral commission c)  none of the above
  4. The absence of government in a state leads to _______ a) Peaceful existence b) anarchy c) communism
  5. One basic principle of government is _________ a) State and nation b) authority c) separation of power
  6. Which of these is not a feature of government? a) Personnel b) Revenue c) legislature
  7. The organ of government responsible for law making is the ____ a) Executive b) judiciary c) legislature
  8. One major function of government is _____ a) Law making b) road maintenance c) electioneering 
  9. The knowledge of government helps us to have the spirit of ____ a) Hooliganism b) patriotism c) atheism 
  10. Power is the ability to _____________ a) control others b) fight others c) work


SUBJECT: Literature

  1. Mention the three types of prose. a) novel, novella, novellete b) drama, prose, poetry c) apologue, fable, short-story
  2. The three genres of literature are______ a) fiction, non-fiction, fable b) characters, theme, setting c) prose, drama, poetry
  3. _______ is a story based on imagination a) fiction b) fable c) short- story
  4. A person that writes a drama text is known as ______ a) poet b) author c) dramatist
  5. ______ is known with chapters.  a) line b) prose c) policy
  6. A person that writes poems is known as a) poet b) biographers c) prose
  7. _______ are stories based on facts a) non- fiction b) biography c) lengthiest
  8. _______ is an type of drama a) comedy b) audience c) play
  9. _______ is a type of drama that ends sadly a) melodrama b) tragedy c) farce.
  10. An author is a person that writes a ________ a) prose text b) drama text c) poems


Vocational training: _______________ (20 Marks)


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