What is an Analogy Verbal Reasoning Primary 5

An analogy is a comparison between two things that are similar in some way.


It helps us understand something new by comparing it to something we already know. Let me give you some examples to make it easier to understand:

1. “Feet are to walking as wings are to flying.”
In this analogy, we are comparing feet and wings. We know that feet are used for walking, and wings are used for flying. So, just as feet are necessary for walking, wings are necessary for flying.

2. “Book is to reading as pencil is to writing.”
Here, we are comparing a book and a pencil. We know that books are used for reading, and pencils are used for writing. So, just as we need a book to read, we need a pencil to write.

3. “Rain is to wet as fire is to hot.”
This analogy compares rain and fire. We know that rain makes things wet, and fire makes things hot. So, just as rain is related to being wet, fire is related to being hot.

4. “Doctor is to patient as teacher is to student.”
In this analogy, we are comparing a doctor and a patient to a teacher and a student. A doctor takes care of a patient’s health, and a teacher takes care of a student’s education. So, just as a doctor works with a patient, a teacher works with a student.

Analogies can be helpful because they connect things we already know with new things we’re trying to learn. They make it easier for us to understand and make connections between different ideas.


Verbal Reasoning 5 Third Term Test Father and son; Mother and _____________.


1. “Fish is to water as bird is to __________.”

(a) sky

(b) nest

(c) land

(d) tree


2. “Car is to road as boat is to __________.”

(a) ocean

(b) sky

(c) garage

(d) airplane


3. “Sun is to day as moon is to __________.”

(a) star

(b) sky

(c) night

(d) earth


4. “Shoes are to feet as gloves are to __________.”

(a) fingers

(b) hands

(c) head

(d) legs


5. “Doctor is to hospital as teacher is to __________.”

(a) classroom

(b) patient

(c) books

(d) playground


6. “Knife is to cutting as pen is to __________.”

(a) drawing

(b) writing

(c) erasing

(d) coloring


7. “Cry is to sad as laugh is to __________.”

(a) happy

(b) funny

(c) tired

(d) angry


8. “Dog is to bark as cat is to __________.”

(a) purr

(b) chirp

(c) howl

(d) swim


9. “Train is to track as bicycle is to __________.”

(a) road

(b) water

(c) air

(d) mountain


10. “Sunflower is to plant as apple is to __________.”

(a) fruit

(b) tree

(c) vegetable

(d) flower








1. “Fire is to hot as ice is to __________.”

(a) cold

(b) melt

(c) water

(d) freeze


2. “Horse is to mane as lion is to __________.”

(a) tail

(b) roar

(c) stripes

(d) mane


3. “Sun is to bright as moon is to __________.”

(a) dark

(b) shine

(c) sky

(d) night


4. “Rain is to umbrella as sun is to __________.”

(a) warmth

(b) sunglasses

(c) raincoat

(d) shade


5. “Bee is to hive as ant is to __________.”

(a) colony

(b) nest

(c) hill

(d) burrow


6. “Ocean is to saltwater as lake is to __________.”

(a) freshwater

(b) fish

(c) waves

(d) beach


7. “Music is to sound as painting is to __________.”

(a) brush

(b) canvas

(c) colors

(d) melody


8. “Cloud is to sky as leaf is to __________.”

(a) tree

(b) branch

(c) ground

(d) plant


9. “Glasses are to eyes as helmet is to __________.”

(a) head

(b) hair

(c) ears

(d) mouth


10. “Bird is to nest as spider is to __________.”

(a) web

(b) fly

(c) tree

(d) cocoon



11. “Hug is to love as handshake is to __________.”

(a) friendship

(b) agreement

(c) greeting

(d) celebration


12. “Train is to tracks as car is to __________.”

(a) road

(b) engine

(c) gas

(d) wheels


13. “Baker is to bread as artist is to __________.”

(a) paint

(b) canvas

(c) sculpture

(d) clay


14. “Clock is to time as thermometer is to __________.”

(a) temperature

(b) weather

(c) speed

(d) measurement


15. “Rainbow is to colors as alphabet is to __________.”

(a) words

(b) letters

(c) sentences

(d) grammar


16. “Ocean is to fish as forest is to __________.”

(a) trees

(b) animals

(c) flowers

(d) leaves


17. “Pencil is to write as eraser is to __________.”

(a) erase

(b) draw

(c) sharpen

(d) color


18. “Cat is to meow as dog is to __________.”

(a) bark

(b) purr

(c) wag

(d) chase


19. “Teacher is to school as coach is to __________.”

(a) team

(b) practice

(c) game





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