The History of Ogun State

  1. Ogun State: Where History Comes Alive!
  2. Ancient Beginnings: The Yoruba people settled here long ago and started farming.
  3. Mighty Ogun: The state is named after the powerful god Ogun, a superhero for the Yoruba people. ⚔️
  4. Abeokuta: City Under the Rock: The capital city’s name means “under the rock” because it’s surrounded by big rocks.
  5. British Rule: During colonial times, the British came and built railways and roads in the area.
  6. Birth of a State: Nigeria became independent in 1960, and Ogun State was created in 1976.
  7. Thriving Industries: Ogun State is known for its factories and farms, producing cocoa, cassava, and more.
  8. Education Hub: With many schools, education is valued highly in Ogun State. 📚
  9. Rich Culture: Festivals like the Ojude Oba festival showcase the vibrant culture, with colorful clothes and lively dances.
  10. Growing and Changing: Today, Ogun State continues to evolve, making it an exciting place to live! 😎

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