Christian Religious Knowledge


First Term


Week 11








Part A Objectives

Table of Contents

  1. Allah means come one to whom believers must (a) pray to five times daily (b) submit their will (c)
    call in times of trouble (d) offer sacrifice
  2. The three main religions in Nigeria are Islam, Christianity and
    Hinduism (c) Buddhism (d) Confucianism
  3. The name of God in all religions help us to know who He is and sort
    experience (b) covenant (c) agreement (d) relationship#
  4. In all religions, there is continuous search for
    restoring (d) meaningful
    (a) African traditional religion (b)
  5. God Himself gave us the final means of salvation through
    Christ (d) Moses
    -with God (a) seeking (b) maintaining (c)
    He want with us (a)
  6. Friendship can only grow from strength to strength where two friends
    know (c) recognize (d) meet
  7. The mother of Samuel was
    (a) the prophets (b) Adam (c)Jesus
    each other (a)love (b)
    (a) Hannah (b) Sarah (c) Ruth (d) Deborah
  8. When Isaac was twelve years old, God asked Abraham to sacrifice him in the land of Moriah in order
    (a) find out if he loved Isaac (b) test his faith (c) test Sarah’s faith (d) test the faith of
    Abraham and Sarah
  9. Religion teaches us how to
    (a) worship (b) develop relationships with one another (c)
  10. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the (A) earth. (B) firmament. (C) man. (D) sun.
  11.  God is the supreme being because of his ……….. power (A) creative (B) deliverance (C) gracious (D)
  12. God is generally accepted as the
    of the world. (A) creator (B) holder (C) inventor (D) manufacturer
  13. At the time of creation, the river that flowed out of Eden to water the garden divided into the following
    four rivers. (A) Euphrates, Nile, Jordan, and Tigris (B) Cyprus, Jordan, Tigris and Euphrates (C) Jordan,
    Gihon, Nile, and Pishon (D) Pishon, Gihon, Tigris, and Euphrates
  14. All are attributed to God EXCEPT (A) creation. (B) holiness. (C) kingship. (D) weakness.
  15. God rested on the ………….. day of creation. (A) fourth (B) fifth (C) sixth (D) seventh
  16. Man became a living being when God (A) asked him to give names to all the living creatures.
  17. Religion teaches us how to
    sacrifice to God (d) believe in God
  18. We are together in God’s family because (a) God loves us all (b) God cares for all men (c) we are all
    children of God (d) Adam is the father of all race.
    (a) worship (b) develop relationships with one another (c)
  19. The dignity of man lies in the fact that He is
    God (c) to continue good work of creation (d) to be fruitful and multiply
  20. Man became a living being when God
    (c)created him with the dust of the earth (d) breathed into his face.
    (a) Lord of creation (b) created in the image of God
  21.  What did the angel tell Mary about her son to be born?
    A. He shall be great and his Kingdom shall have no end.
    B. He shall be called the son of the highest.
    C. The Lord shall give Him David’s throne.
    D. He shall reign over the house of Jacob.
    E. All of the above.
  22. . What does Emmanuel mean?
    A. The messiah has come
    B. Saviour of the world
    C. Lord of Lords
    D. God is with us
    E. God of host
  23. ___________ is the name of Mary’s husband?
    A. Hebrod
    B. Hezekiah
    C. Daniel
    D. Joseph
  24. 4. By who did God announce the coming of Jesus?
    A. Moses
    B. John
    C. An angel
    D. Abraham
  25. Emmanuel means ___________.
    A. God with us
    B. Jesus is coming
    C. God loves you
    D. arise and shine
  26. Daniel was friends with which of these three people:
    A. Shina, Messiah and Adebayo
    B. Peter, James and John
    C. Moses, Elisha and Elijah
    D. Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego
    E. Reuben, Simeon and Levi
  27. What offence did the people say Daniel’s friends commit?
    A. They stole some money.
    B. They told a big lie.
    C. They killed someone and hid the body.
    D. They refused to bow down to the
  28. A shepherd is someone who ____________.
    A. takes care of sheep
    B. takes care of cattle
    C. takes care of a farm
    D. makes shoe from leather
    E. make pullovers from sheep skin
  29. Why did some people hate Daniel?
    A. Because he was stingy
    B. Because he always prayed to God and God blessed him above them
    C. Because he hated them first
    D. Because he slapped them some time ago
    E. Because he was tall and handsome
  30. Daniel always ___________ to God.
    A. complained
    B. danced
    C. prayed
    D. preached
    E. laughed





Part B Theory 


  1. Who is God?
  2. Mention and explain five attributes of God.
  3. Give the name of God in five Nigerian tribes.
  4. Mention two people that forgave someone in the bible
  5. What is creation?
  6. Outline the things created on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th day.
  7. What did God do on the seventh day?
  8. To whom did Jesus say to that go and sin no more, your sins are forgiven
  9. Mention two ways of letting go of what others have done to us in the past
  10. What is forgiveness
  11. Is forgiveness a difficult thing to do?
  12. What is reconciliation
  13. Mention two ways of reconciling with those people that we have offended in the past
  14. Define national laws.
  15. What is disobedience?
  16. Enumerate the punishment given by God to (i) Serpent (ii) Eve and (iii) Adam
  17. What are the consequences of Adam and Eve’s disobedience
  18. State the consequences of disobeying national laws.
  19. Mention some of the punishments a student will receive if he or she breaks school rules and regulations.
  20. What are the consequences of breaking national laws?