1. The vitamins found in fruits is called (a) Vitamin B (b) Vitamin E (c) Vitamin D (d) Vitamin C


2. The body organ that is responsible to balancing in movement is (a) skin (b) nose (c) leg (d) ear


3. A narrow tube in the skin, where each hair grows is (a) Hair follicle (b) a pit (c) a scalp (d) an organ


4. The common parasite that lives on the hairs is (a) dandruff (b) lice (c) germs (d) ring worm


5. First set of teeth which human grow are called (a) wisdom teeth (b) junior teeth (c) child teeth (d) milk teeth


6. Sweat is produced in the skin by (a) blood vessels (b) sweat glands (c) dermis (d) oil gland


7. The process of caring for the hand and finger nail is (a) pedicure (b) hand care (c) manicure (d) finger nail care


8. Which of the following prevent body odour due to sweat (a) deodorant (b) lotion (c) body cream (d) moisturizing cream


9. The outer skin of human being is known as (a) outer skin (b) dermis (c) epidermis (d) dermatol


10. Part of the tooth which we do not see is hidden in the ……………. (a) Gum (b) socket (c) jaw (d) enamel


11. The following are the type of skin diseases except     (a) Ringworm (b) Scabies   (c) Pimples (d) Headaches


12. The following are used in caring for our hair except (a) comb (b) hair cream (c) shampoo (d) detergent


13. …………. Is an example of eye defects (a) eye problem (b) eye disease (c) long sightedness (e) yellow eye


14. ……………. Is the process of caring for the hand and finger nails (a) Manicuring (b) Pedicuring (c) nail treatment (d) bathing


15. …………… are bites from insects such as wasp, bee and scorpion (a) Stings (b) burns (c) scalds (d) cuts


16. Lack of care of the nose causes the following except (a) Nose bleeding (b) Nasal infection (c) Breading difficulties (d) Nose disease


17. ……………… means keeping the natural balance of the body aligned (a) Good posture (b) manicure (c) weight lifting (d) sitting order


18. Which of the following prevents dryness of hair and scalp (a) shampoo (b) spray (c) hair cream (d) brush


19. Which of the following is important for healthy teeth (a) fluoride (b) chloride (c) nutrient (d) protein


20. The tool for filling and shaping the nails is (a) nail buffer (b) nail polish (c) nail stick (d) nail board


21. The set of teeth located in the centre of the front of the jaw are the (a) incisors (b) canines (c) molars (d) premolars


22. Which of the following is also important for balance (a) skin (b) nose (c) ear (d) tongue


23. The following are the types of teeth except (a) canine (b) molar (c) premolar (d) white teeth


24. ……….. are small animals which infest the hair (a) hair lice (b) flies (c) rashes (d) insects


25.  ……………. results when the body is given a blow with sufficient force. (a) cuts (b) bruises (c) injuries (d) stings




Answer all the questions


  1.  State two ways of preventing hair infections
  2. List five materials used in caring for the hair
  3. List five four hair infections
  4. List two eye defects
  5. State four importance of maintaining good posture
  6. What is manicure
  7. List four tools used in manicuring
  8. List three ways of caring for our teeth
  9. Define drug
  10. 2. Are all drugs bad?
  11. 3. State five consequences of using drugs in exercise and sports.
  12. What is exercise?
  13. 2. Mention three types of exercises and give at least one example of each.
  14. 3. State 5 importance of exercising our body.
  15. Define good posture.
  16. Enumerate five types of posture.
  17. State characteristics of posture.
  18. List 5 ways of caring for your feet and toes’ nails.
  19. Mention 5 ways of caring for your hands and finger.
  20. List 3 tools in a manicure / pedicure set.
  21. Mention three diseases or problems of the feet.
  22. List two functions of hand and foot.
  23. List three types of skin.
  24. Mention four functions of the skin.
  25. State four ways of taking care of the skin.
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