Usefulness and Importance Of Rocks To Farmers

Subject:  Agricultural Science 


Class: Basic 1 / Primary 1 / Year 1


Term: Second Term / 2nd Term


Week: Week 5 and week 6



Usefulness and Importance Of Rocks To Farmers



Previous Knowledge: The pupils have previous knowledge of


Meaning of Land and what we can find on the Land


that was taught in their previous lesson.



Behavioural  Objectives : At the end of the lesson, learners will be able to

  • Meaning of rocks
  • Say the importance of rocks to farmers


Instructional Materials 

  • Wall charts
  • Online Resource
  • Textbooks
  • Stones


Methods of Teaching 

  • Role modelling
  • Questions and Answers
  • Explanation
  • Discussion
  • Recitation
  • Imitation
  • Story Telling
  • Dramatization



Rock is Extrusive

Rocks are broken down to form stones.

These process whereby rocks are broken

down to form soil is known as weathering.

Stones are important to farmers.

Stones are used to sharpen tools like cutlass, dagger or knives.

Two stones are struck together to produce fire that the farmer will use to roast yam before eating

Big heavy stones are used by farmers to crack hard nuts.

Stones are used for grinding onions and pepper.

At time small stones are used by farmers to scare away small rodents and birds that want to destroy the farmer’s harvest or produce.



The topic is presented step by step

Step 1: The class teacher revises the old topic

Step 2: The class teacher introduces the new topic

Step 3: The class teacher allows the pupils to give their own contributions and gives room for pupils” participation

Rocks Meaning and Types of Rocks


Class Teacher and Pupils Activities. Interaction or Participation 

This involves class teacher and pupils’ interaction, conversation, imitation or modeling through discussion, play method or just by recitation or asking and answering questions that are related to the topic that has just been taught.



  1. Rocks from ____(a) soil (b) parrot
  2. ___ are important to farmers (a) Blade (b) Rocks
  3. Stones are used to crack ___(a) jokes (b) nuts
  4. ___ is used to sharpen cutlass (a) Wood (b) stone
  5. Stone can be used for grinding (a) Stone (b) Wood


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