CLASS: PRIMARY 1                            SUBJECT: AGRIC SCIENCE NAME:………………………………………………………………………………..   

1 ___________ is an example of a fruit (a) Orange (b) Stone (c) Table.

  1. ___________ is used for planting of crops (a) Land (b) Sky (c) Moon.
  2. Examples of farm animals are goat, cow, fish and pig. (a) True (b) False.
  3. The _________ provides daylight for people to see (a) moon (b) sun (c) sky.
  4. Animals  make use of plants as their food. (a) True (b) False.
  5. _________ is a mixture of gases (a) Sun (b) Air (c) Sky.
  6. We breathe in and out _______ to survive (a) moon (b) water (c) air.
  7. Contamination of water means _________ (a) water that is good for drinking

(b) water that is not good for drinking (c) None of the above.

  1. ________ helps the plant to grow (a) fuel (b) water (c) kerosene.
  2. ________ is a liquid (a) Sand (b) Water (c) Stone.
  3. Name one farming tools _________
  4. An example of plant is _________ (a) vegetables (b) stone (c) water.
  5. Flowers and plants beautify our homes (a) True (b) False.
  6. Animals that lives in the forest are called (a) wild animals (b) domestic animals (c) farm animals.
  7. We should always treat our water before drinking (a) True (b) False.
  8. Stones are used by farmer to sharpen the cutlasses (a) True (b) False.
  9. _________ is a fairly level land that has too much water (a) Swampy land                 (b) Flat land (c) Dry land.
  10. _______ is a land with very little water content (a) Dry land

(b) Rock land (c) Swampy land.

  1. Most flowering plants have main parts __________, __________, _______
  2. Mention 3 homes of farm animal.

(i) _______________ (ii) _____________ (iii) ______________


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