Reproduction in Earthworm



Third Term

Week 8




Reproduction in Earthworm

Earthworms are hermaphrodites. Every earthworm has each assessments and ovaries. The sexual organs and their ducts are paired on either side of the worm’s physique.

Sexual Replica in Earthworm

Copulation normally happens solely at night time. Two copulating earthworms lie head to tail and aspect by aspect. On this manner the clitellia secrete a mucus tube that surrounds the worm from earlier than the reproductive phase to the clitellia segments. Earthworm, an animal of phylum Annelida, possesses each female and male intercourse organs on the identical particular person and thus is hermaphrodite. The feminine genital pore is situated ventrolaterally upon its 18th phase. The identical organism produces ova at one time and sperms at one other time. The male genital pore is situated on the eleventh phase. Within the feminine reproductive organ, consisting of ovary, oviduct, and seminal vesicles fertilisation happen when two organisms is available in contact with one another and ovum is protected in a cocoon. Thus, replica in earthworm takes place in cocoons.     Sperms acquired from a accomplice worm is saved within the spermathecal openings after which the 2 worms separate. Each secret a brand new mucus tube that’s enriched with album from the clitellum and wrapped in a membrane. The eggs are shed into this tube together with some sperm. The worm then backs out of the tube which now turns into the egg cocoon. Fertilization happens contained in the cocoon. The cocoon is left there, underground to connect to some leaves. It typically modifications form. Turning into darker small and more durable, the fertilised egg grows right into a tiny earthworm.


  1. Define haemaphrodite.
  2. Describe asexual reproduction in earthworm.
  3. Clarify reproduction in earthworm with diagram.



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