Civic Education Nursery 2 Examination

CLASS:         NURSERY 2


Instruction:  Underline the correct answer.

  1. _____ is a place we should report. (a) court    (b) toilet      (c) kitchen
  2. We should respect police station. (a) Yes   (b) No
  3. We should observe the rules and regulations in _____ (a) market (b) river   (c) school
  4. Should we encourage people to visit places of respect? (a) Yes (b) No
  5. Should we respect places of worship (a) Yes (b) No   (c) all of the above
  6. We should respect places of _____ (a) worship (b) sin      (c) hatred
  7. We should keep places of worship ______ (a) clean (b) dirty     (c) rough
  8. We must go to school _______ (a) lately (b) early      (c) slowly
  9. We should ____ our teachers. (a) obey (b) disrespect     (c) disobey
  10. Should we fight in school? (a) Yes     (b) No      (c) Maybe
  11. You must do your school ______ (a) lies    (b) fight     (c) duties
  12. You should go to bed early and ______ early (a) wake up    (b) dance     (c) dream
  13. You remain _____ whenever you obey rules and regulations (a) sad    

(b) happy     (c) dull

  1. _____ is one of the consequences of disobeying rules and regulations.

(a) happiness  (b) punishment     (c) success

  1. There are_____ types of toilet. (a) two    (b) one     (c) four
  2. Which of these should we apply after washing the toilet? (a) powder  

(b) kerosene  (c) disinfectant

  1. We should always wash our toilet with soap, water and ______ (a) towel (b) paper (c) scrubbing brush
  2. The toilet seat should be ______ (a) open (b) covered     (c) spoiled
  3. We should always ____ the toilet door. (a) open       (b) close     (c) kick
  4. _____ come from the use of dirty toilets. (a) infection    (b) health     (c) enjoyment

  5. We cover our __________when yawning a. eye   nose          c. mouth


  1. We must always keep our hair __________ a. dirty     b. rough     c. clean


  1. Environmental sanitation means _________a. taking  our bath regularly
  2. washing our mouth regularly c.  keeping our surrounding clean


  1. Living in a dirty environment can cause ________
  2. sickness           b. accident             c. sanitation
  3. We should __________the grasses around our houses
  4. wet them     b. leave them     c.  cut them


  1. We must cover our mouth when ________
  2. talking b. coughing c. praying


  1. Personal hygiene means _________a. playing b. schooling
  2. keeping our bodies clean


  1. Our ———— must be kept short and clean a.  leg    b. finger nail  c. eye


  1. _______ can be used to cut our fingernails a. axe cutlass  c. Razorblade


  1. We should not eat _______food a. healthy    b. poisonous    b.  clean







Fill in the gaps with the correct answer.

  1. Is it good to keep our surrounding clean? ____________________
  2. We should always bath at least ______in a day
  3. List 5 things you do before coming to School
  • ……
  • ……
  • ……
  • …..
  • …..

List 3 ways of cleaning the Bedroom

  1. List three (3) uses of water
  • ………
  • ……..
  • ……..





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