Primary 1 PHE 3rd Term Examination



CLASS:                                   Basic One (1)

SUBJECT:                  Physical and health Education

INSTRUCTION:        Underline the correct answer


  1. Resting means __________


  1. stopping of work             b. working all days                c.  eating plenty food


  1. We should wash our hands after picking litters (Yes   /   No)


  1. Which part of the body is used for breathing?


  1. Eye             b.  Ear             c.  Nose


  1. We sleep when we are __________a. tired   b. hungry      c. working


  1. We can purify water through ____________


  1. Frying b.  boiling                   c. salting


  1. We purify water in order to make it safe for drinking (Yes  /  No)


  1. Is it safe to drink dirty water? (Yes   /  No)


  1. Air pollution makes people___________
  2. sick b. healthy c. grow well


  1. The following are forms of pollution except ___________
  2. Aroma from food   smell from refuse dump
  3. smoke from factory


  1. What part of the body is this?


  1. Mouth Eye              c.  Head
  2. Do we need to rest after working? (a)  Yes          (b)  No


  1. We sleep when we are _________________

(a) hungry           (b) working         (c)  tired


  1. We can sleep on the following except ____________

(a)          Mud      (b)  Mat                                (c)  Bed


  1. Our environment should always be _______________

(a)  Clean   (b)  dirty                         (C) bed


  1. We should wash our hands after picking liters

(a)  Yes                 (b)  No


  1. Where should we drop trash?

(a)  Gulter                           (b) Soak away                    (c) grow well


  1. We can purify water through

(a)  frying             (b)  boiling                           (c) salting


  1. ____________is another method used in purifying water

(a)  Fertilizing      (b)  Colouring                    (c)   Sieving


  1. Air pollution makes people

(a)  healthy         (b) sick                  (c)  grow well



  1. Mention three places where we can sleep





  1. Which of these is a minor game (a) lawn tennis (b) hockey (c) shuttle relay
  2. Which of these is wrong ? minor games:(a) provide fun and entertainment (b) serve as warm up exercise (c) make children fall sick
  3. Minor games prepare children for more involvement in ___(a) major games (b) simple games (c) none of the above
  4. Rope skipping relay is a game for ______and ______ (a) paper and people (b) animals and paper (c) boys and girls
  5. Indigenous games are also called ___(a) fire games (b) local games (c) hard games
  6. ___is an example of a local game (a) rat and rice (b) cat and kitten (c) cat and rat
  7. ___ is done with the side of the foot. (a) kicking(b) boxing (c) fighting
  8. Swimming is a sport done in ___(a) air (b) water (c) moon
  9. In kick line, you kick with ______(a) one leg (b) both legs (c) hands and legs
  10. It is good to play football on the street. (a) true (b) false (c) both
  11. ___is controlling the ball to your side. (a) stopping (b) fighting (c) sleeping
  12. You must take a ____before going into the pool (a) sleep (b) fight (c) shower
  13. ___ is freedom from danger. (a) safety (b) fighting (c) playing
  14. In swimming , you swim with your _____ and ___ (a) leg and eyes (b) hands and feet (c) maggot and leg
  15. it is ___ to enter into unfamiliar rivers or streams (a) good (b) very good (c) dangerous
  16. ____ is when a person is able to remain in water for some period (a) floating (b) dancing (c) eating
  17. It is dangerous to ___alone (a) swim (b) dance (c) play
  18. Swimming reduces the risk of being ____(a) overweight (b) nice (c) good
  19. ___ helps to reduce stress (a) swimming (b) fighting (c) playing
  20. ____is a way of getting into water with hands and head first (a) sleeping (b) jumping (c) diving


  1. When swimming breathe out with the ______________ and ______________
  2. Swimming is a ___________________________
  3. Do not ____________into water if you cannot swim.
  4. It is good to wear ____________ when swimming.
  5. ______________ and _____________ are the types of floating
  6. Breathing is done through the ___________ when one is above the water
  7. ________________ and _______ are the parts of the body involve in swimming
  8. It is not good to _____________ and __________ at the pool
  9. Safety means protection from ____________ people
  10. _________________ is an example of a local game.


  1. What is swimming? _________________________
  1. List two types of floating
  1. ___________________________________
  2. _________________________________
  1. List two local games
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