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SUBJECT: Civic Education

INSTRUCTION: Underline the correct answer

1. In democracy, ultimate power belongs to the _________ a. Leader

b. representative c. lawyer d. people

2. All these are qualification for voting in Nigeria except ____ a. citizenship

b. age c. residence d. sex

3. The best thing to do when your right is violated is to _________a. go to media

b. feel bad c. electorate d. go to court

4. In Nigeria, for a single term, the president is constitutionally required to spend ______ a. 6 years b. 5 years c. 3 years d. 4 years

5. The national anthem has _________stanzas a. 3 b. 4 c. 5 d. 2

6. The minimum voting age in Nigeria is __________ a. 18 years b. 15 years

c. 30 years d. 23 years

7. Which of these is the most important to you? A. right to life B. right to vote

C. right to dignity d. right to religion

8. Nigeria is practicing _______party system a. Multi b. one c. two d. ten

9. One of the consequences of choosing a candidate to represent people in

Government through voting is _________a. election b. representative

c. Democracy d. registration

10. The process of choosing a candidate to represent people in government

Though voting is ________a. election b. representative c. democracy


  1. Which of these is an arm of government (a) Legislature (b)Judiciary (c) Executive
  2. Which is a quality of a good leader (a) Obey rules and regulations (b) Humility (c) violent in nature.
  3. Which is not a consequence of bad leadership? (a) Civic Unrest (b) Economic hardship (c) Forwardness.
  4. Which is not a function of government? (a) Maintenance of law and order (b) Protection of right of citizen (c) Provision of daily food
  5. Which is not a need for check & balance in government (a) To prevent one arm from being powerful (b) To empower sectors (c) To ensure stability in government.
  6. Punishment of law breaking includes? (a) Withdrawal of rights (b) Opposition of tyranny (c) Promotion of steady progress.
  7. Which is a quality of a good leader? (a) Disciplined (b) Dishonest (c) Arrogant.
  8. What does the rule of law mean? (A)Supremacy of the law (b) Lawlessness.
  9. Nigeria got its independence on (a)1st October 1962 (b) 1st October 1960 (c)22nd October 1960
  10. Cheating during examination is called (a)examination duty (b)examination malpractice (c)cooperation
  11. The right to work in order to earn a living is (a) cultural right (b) Economic right (c) political right
  12. The right to have a decent life in the community is (a) social right (b) cultural right (c) civil right
  13. The right that enable us to relate meaningfully with other members of the societies is (a) civil rights (b) Social rights (c) Economic rights
  14. The role of law means (a) rule to be disobeyed (b) rules stated outs (c) supremacy of the law
  15. Which body conducts voter’s registration? (a) Electoral commission (b) voter’s commission (c) President
  16. Which is not a process of voting of (a) held in smaller units (b) education or electorates (c) not counting the votes after election
  17. When was the Federal Electoral Commission (a) 1978 (b) 1976 (c0 1979
  18. Who established the national Electoral Commission (a) Gen. Shehu Shagari (b) Gen. Muritala Muhammed (c) Gen. Ibrahim Babginda
  19. Who appointed Chief Dangogo to head National Electoral Commission (a) Sanni Abacha (b) Olusegun Obasanjo (c) Muritala Muhammed
  20. Election helps select people that will govern us (a) true (b) false (c) all of the above


  1. State four consequences of bad leadership and followership (ii) Qualities of a good leader
  2. Define Government

State the arms of government

State three functions of government

  1. Define law

Mention 6 benefit of rule of law

SECTION D Answer any three questions from this section

1. Outline 5 important of election 2. Outline 5 procedures for voting

3. What is constitution? List 3 sources of constitution

4a. List 3 types of election (b) What is supremacy of the constitution?

5 List and explain 5 types of values you know



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