Exam Questions Second Term SS 1 Computer Studies


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1. One of these is not an example of data. A. Words B. Numbers C. Weather report. D. Observations

2. We have ………. ways of handling data. A. 3 B. 5 C. 2 D. 4

3. Sources of information are these except. A. Internet B. Database C. Census board D. Textbooks

4. ……… is the acquisition, recording, organization, retrieval, display and dissemination of information. A. Data processing B. Information processing C. Operating system D. DBMS

5. There are ……… kinds of procedure for information processing. A. 4 B. 5 C. 3 D. 2

6. One of these is NOT a way of organizing information. A. Time B. Location

C. Distance D. Alphabet

7. ………. type of information transmission medium is known as space communication. A. Wireless B. Cable C. Sallie D. None of the above

8. …….. is an audio – visual transmission medium. A. Radio B. Television C. Telegraph D. Internet

9. There are …….. classification of information transmission. A. 2 B. 4 C. 5 D. 6

10. Radio uses ………. to transmit its content. A. Air B. Electromagnetic wave

C. Magnetism D. Hydro

11. Radio was invented by ……… A. Blaize Pascal B. Guglielmo Marconi C. Joseph Jacquard D. John Logie

12. One of the inventors of Television is …… A. Famsworth B. G. Marconi C. Blaize Pascal D. None of the above

13. There are ……… types of information transmission. A. 3 B. 6 C. 2 D. 5

14. The type of communication satellite uses is called …….. A. Satellite communication B. Space communication C. Wireless communication D. Cable communication

15. There is need for ……… in satellite communication so as to allow the receiver to receives signal. A. Battery B. Antenna C. Cable D. Printer

16. The lab should be kept ………… at all time. A. Covered B. Clean C. Pure D. None of the above

17. One of these is a computer room management ethic. A. Ventilation B. Operating system C. Formatting D. Editing

18. To protect computer, all ……… need to be scanned before using them. A. Chairs B. Diskettes C. Printer D. None of the above

19. Our computers need to be protected against …… A. Antivirus B. Virus C. Computer Efficiency D. All of the above

20. Students need to look for cables in the computer lab to avoid …….. A. Connection B. Tripping C. Electrocution D. All of the above

21. Spilling liquids on computer can cause ………. A. Effectiveness B. Dust – free C. Electrical fire D. Tripping

22. Types of operating system can be categorized into ………… A. 4 B. 2 C. 3 D. 7

23. ………. type of OS processes input simultaneously. A. Dos B. Real – time C. GUI D. Single – user OS

24. The operating system fits for computer networking is ……… A. Single user B. multi user C. Real – time D. Batch processing

25. DOS stands for ……… A. Disk operating system B. Do operating system C. Disk open system D. Diskette operating system

26. ……… is an example of windows command line operating system. A. Novell B. Ms DOS C. Linux D. XENIX

27. Which function of operating system deals with the creation of files and directories. A. Memory management B. Resources management C. Storage management D. All of the above

28. Control of the right and access to file is ……… function of O.S. A. Memory management B. Resources management C. Storage management D. Process management

29. The hardware part of computer has ……… A. 2 B. 3 C. 5 D. 7

30. Windows ME stands for ……. A. More experience B. Millennium Edition C. More Millennium D. None of the above


1. Explain the security management functions of operating system.

2. Mention four examples of secondary memory.

3. Give any two examples of GUI/Command line multiuser operating system.

4. What is operating system?

5. List five safety rules in the computer lab.

6. List three proper ways of using computer.

7. Write short notes on types of information transmission.

i. Mention Four ancient methods of information transmission.

8. State any FOUR advantages of wireless communication.

9. List four advantages and disadvantages of using computers for information processing.

10. Explain the two ways of handling data.



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