2nd Term Exam Questions JSS 1 PHE


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  1. Most of the food we take comprises ___________ A. life B. blood C. water D. good
  2. Water is needed in the following areas except __________ A. transportation B. ocean C. agriculture D. domestic affairs
  3. One of the following is an example of contact sports ______ A. swimming B. skipping

C. gymnastic D. boxing

  1. The local name given to wrestling include the following except ______ A. ijakadi B. kokawa C. mgba D. amurele
  2. The Gymnastics Federation of Nigeria (G. F. N) was established in which year? A. 1920 B. 1930 C. 1965 D. 1975.
  3. All the following are aquatic sports except ______ A. swimming B. water polo C. canoeing D. abulagame.
  4. The benefits of contact sports include the following except ______ A. fosters unity and cohesion B. promotes teamwork C. promotes socialization D. promotes winner takes all.
  5. The benefits of non – contact sports include the following except ______ A. sense of responsibility B. creativity is enhanced C. promotes high level of concentration D. victories are shared.
  6. One of the following skills is used in wrestling. A. Gripping B. Falling C. Throws D. Hand pin.
  7. The safety measures in contact and non – contact sports include the following except_____ A. players should imbibe the spirit of sportsmanship B. inspect all facilities and equipment before use C. fighting and quarrelling with your co – contestants D. officials should ensure fair play.
  8. Diseases that can be spread from one person to another is called _________ A. communicable B. Non-communicable C. bacteria D. fungi
  9. Which of the following is not types of communicable diseases? A. Airborne disease B. Waterborne diseases C. Contaminated food diseases D. None of the above
  10. Which of these is a class of food? A. Beans B. Rice C. Egg D. None of the above
  11. The following are sources of Fats and oil except ___ A. fish oil B. millet C. coconut oil

D. palm oil

  1. ________ provides energy required by the body for physical activities. A. Water B. Vitamins C. Proteins D. Food
  2. One of the following is concerned with nutrition _______ A. how food is used by the cells for proper functioning B. composition of food C. how food is digested D. all of the above.
  3. Which of the following class of food can be regarded as the best source of energy for exercise? A. protein B. fat and oil C. vitamins D. fat and oil
  4. Which of the following is not a function of food to the body? A. Development B. Retardation C. Energy D. Growth
  5. The class of food that provides resistance to diseases is _______ A. fats and oil B. proteins C. vitamins D. water
  6. The substance for growth and repair of our body tissues is called ___ A. good B. mood

C. food D. none of the above


  1. Mention the two types of well.
  2. List five examples each of contact and non – contact sports.
  3. Mention three values of gymnastics.
  4. List five benefits of contact sports.
  5. List three skills each in Judo and swimming
  6. List out five examples of communicable disease.
  7. Mention any five importance of food.
  8. State any five importance of food nutrients
  9. In a tabular form, state the classes of food, two sources and one function of each class of food.
  10. What is nutrition?


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