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Part A: Answer all the questions
1.) Saul was travelling to imprison believers (a) Damascus (b) Rome (c) Israel (d) Ghana

2.) Saul was blind for ______ days (a) four (b) three (c) nine (d) eight

3.) God told ________ to pray for Saul so that he might regain his sight
(a) Jacob (b) Ananias (c) Abraham (d) Michael

4.) ______ asked Saul why he was persecuting Him (a) James (b) John (c) Jesus (d) Jude

5.) God can transform a person’s life when he or she believed in God
(a) True (b) False (c) undecided (d) impossible

6.) _____ was the original name of Paul before his conversion
(a) Maul (b) Saul (c) Peter (d) James

7.) After the great flood, God made a new beginning with the family of ___
(a) Abraham (b) Adam and Eve (c) Moses (d) Noah

8.) The original stories of the bible existed in the form of ____
(a) archaeological findings (b) oral traditions (c) internet (d) scrolls

9.) “Be fruitful and multiply” means God’s given power to ____
(a) live (b) buy fruits (c) procreate (d) sing

10.) Jesus’ meeting with the adulterous woman teaches us to ____ all sinners
(a) condemn (b) hate (c) blame (d) love and help

11.) Saul arrested Christians and put them in ____ (a) prison (b) school (c) church (d) station

12.) Saul belonged to a religious group who felt that they were ____ than others
(a) smarter (b) richer (c) holier (d) worse

13.) The home town of Paul was ____ (a) Tarsus (b) Antioch (c) Macedonia (d) Lystra

14.) Christian religion teaches man how best to maintain his ____with God
(a) aggression (b) relationship (c) annoyance (d) hatred

15.) The resultant effect of the sin of our first parents with regards to man’s relationship with God is ___ (a) death (b) disobedience (c) nakedness (d) selfishness

16.) Scientific inventions and explorations by man show that man shares in God’s ____
(a) supremacy (b) sovereignty (c) creativity (d) almightiness

17.) “Christ is the head of my family, the unseen guest at every meal, the silent listener to every conversation” This statement manifests God’s ___
(a) immortality (b) invisibility (c) omnipotence (d) omnipresence

18.) Which of the following is not a base for the following relationship between man and God ____ (a) forgiveness (b) ingratitude (c) kindness (d) love

19.) ____ created heaven and earth (a) God (b) man (c) devil (d) technology

20.) The first woman to be created was ____ (a) Hannah (b) Eve (c) Sarah (d) Ruth

21.) God created ____ on the fourth day
(a) moon and sun (b) sea and dry land (c) man (d) animals

22.) God ____ on the seventh day (a) worked (b) rested (c) prayed (d) played

23.) In the beginning God created ____
(a) man and woman (b) ocean and sea (c) sand and water (d) heaven and earth

24.) The three boys were thrown into the ____ of fire when they refused to worship a graven image (a) furnace (b) finance (c) fish (d) force

25.) _____ was a prophetess and a judge in Israel (a) Deborah (b) Mary (c) Lydia (d) Elizabeth

26.) The Holy Spirit rested on the disciples like ______ of fire
(a) teeth (b) mouth (c) touch (d) tongue

27.) Abraham laughed when God told him that his wife Sarah would give birth to a son because____ (a) he did not believe Sarah (b) there was no hope (c) God does not keep his promise (d) the joke was funny

28.) _____ means restoring broken relationship
(a) reconciliation (b) restitution (c) restoration (d) revival

29.) _____ means doing good to others (a) kindness (b) respect (c) obedience (d) honesty

30.) Every _____ is sin (a) gifts (b) disobedience (c) desire (d) pride

Part B: Theory
1.) Narrate the events that surrounded Paul’s life, parentage education and anti-Christian activities
2.) Mention two importance of Paul’s conversion
3.) What is goal setting
b.) List three steps to take to achieve your goals
4.) Define temptation
b.) Mention four ways by which one may be tempted
5.) What is decision-making
b.) List four examples of decision that we can make

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