Primary 6 Second Term Verbal Reasoning



Below are the marks for five boys in an examination . The pass mark for each subject is 40. Answer question 1 to 5.

Name Maths English French Physics Biology
Segun 70 80 38 90 80
Michael 60 50 40 70 60
William 25 27 50 40 37
Alabi 80 90 75 45 35
Bolujo 90 80 65 42 15


  1. How many subject did Alabi pass? (a) one (b) three (c) two (d) four (e) five
  2. Who beat Bolujo in French (a) clement (b) Alabi (c) Michael (d) William (e) All
  3. Who is the worst in English (a) Alabi (b) Segun (c) Michael (d) Bolujo(e) William
  4. In which subject did Segun and Bolujo have the same score? (a) Maths (b) English (c) French (d) Physics (e) Biology
  5. In what subject did William beat Michael by ten marks? (a) Maths (b) English (c) French (d) Physics (e) biology

Study the pair of words and complete the rest.

  1. (time, emit) ; (dial, laid) ; (net, _________) (a) note (b) teen (c) ten (d) net (e) lent
  2. (our, tour); (own, town); (ill, _______) (a) hill (b) till (c) gill (d) mill (e) feet
  3. (torture, true); (prized, pie); (siesta,______) (a) sister (b) setter (c) rest (d) set (e) sat
  4. (mental, meal); (verbal, veal); (deal, ____) (a) dent (b) deal (c) dale (d) dealt (e) dean
  5. (denounce, announce); (subject, project); (construct, _________)


In each of the numbers 11-15 , you are given a statement . The statement may be true (A) , false (B) or not always tru (C). A B C

  1. Children grow to be adult T F NAT
  2. Hardworking people are rich T F NAT
  3. Policemen are all dishonest T F NAT
  4. Slim people run faster than  Fat people T F NAT
  5. People die according to Their ages T F NAT


Which of the words in each of question 16-20 will come first in the dictionary


  1. ablution abdicate abandon access acclaim
  2. Bait badge bazooka bell billions
  3. Chop Coast Croak Catholic cave
  4. dada draw deflect degree discern
  5. encounter eagle editor eleven enter

SECTION E: Choose from option A to E the one that gives the correct order of the sentences.

1. Spoke passionately.

2 . to the church members

3 . the preacher

(a) 1,2,3 (b) 2,1,3 (c) 3,2,1 (d) 1,3,2 (e) 3,1,2

  1.        My uncle puts his money in the bank
  2.        My uncle collects big interest on his money
  3.        My uncle has a lot of money

a) 1,2,3 (b) 2,3,1 (c) 3,1,2 (d) 3,2,1 (e) 1,3,2

  1.          Olaolu worked hard throughout yesterday
  2.          he went to bed early yesterday evening
  3.          he was very tired

(a) 1,2,3 (b) 3,2,1 (c) 1,3,2 (d) 2,3,1, (e) 3,1,2

    1. My wife has travelled for over a month
  1. I pray for her safe return
  2. I miss my wife a great deal

(a) 1,3,2 (b) 1,2,3 (c) 3,2,1 (d) 2,3,1 (e) 2,1,3

    1. The boy cut
  1. with the sharp knife
  2. the yam

(a) 2,3,1 (b) 1,2,3 (c) 3,2,1 (d) 3,1, 2 (e) 1,3,2

  • Study each word and its code word careful and work out how the code for the rest will be written
  • Example if WHAT means JUNG, then HAT is UNG
  1. If MEANT means LANES the ANT is ____________
  2. If WARD means MANK, then WAD is _______
  3. If JUMP means CODE, then PUMP is ______
  4. If CUP means RAT, the UP is ______? (a) TA (b) UP (c) AR (d) RT (e) AT
  5. If BOOK means CPPL, then KOO is _______?(a) CPP (b) CPL (c) LPP (d) BOO (e) OOK