Underline the correct answers matching related words.

Column A Column B
Water mines
Tin Trees
Rubber Streams
Fruits Petroleum
Fuel nuts

Pick the largest from the list below

  1. cat , ant , dog, horse
  2. Lorry , car, bus, kit-car, motor cycle
  3. tree, trunk, twig, branch, leaf

Underline the synonyms in the list below:

  1. Dangerous:- safe , harmful, indifferent
  2. bitter:- sweet , sour , soft
  3. Excess:- decrease, reduce, surplus
  4. halt :- start, stop, move

Underline the word which replaces the underlined word in the sentence below.

  1. she wrote her last examination last week . (first, final, next)
  2. Your writing skill must be improve (a) inability(b) ability (c) style
  3. The policemen is looking very weak. (a) feeble (b)strong (c) agile

Choose the antonyms of the word in capital letters.

  1. GIANT – dwarf, toll, stout
  2. GENTLE – breezy, violent, broad
  3. SAINT – priest , sinner, monk
  4. HOST- friend , hostess, guest

Complete with the most suitable words from the brackets.

  1. The ___of God was referred to as the ______ of righteousness. (son, sun)
  2. He lost the _____ at the _____(key , guay)

3. .He will ______ the butcher who sells the _____ to my aunt (meat , meet)

Write True (T), false (F) or NOT always true (NAT) in the spaces provided at the right side.

  1. Men are taller than women ___________
  2. Bungalows are higher than storey buildings _______
  3. The sun sets in the evening _________________
  4. Policeman are all dishonest _________________

Complete the sentences below:

  1. A vacant house is ______(occupied, full, empty, living)
  2. Prohibit means ____(advertise, allow, forbid, prove)
  3. Enthusiasm means ___( zeal, fuss , excitement, success)
  4. A visitor who was staying in a _____city ( noisy, dirty, strange, familiar)
  5. Lace up your ____(curtain, handkerchief, shoe, gloves) and make a
  6. The second to the last vowel in the alphabet is ____ (I,e,o,u)


  1. The chief of a town needs to be ___________ (cunning, efficient, old)
  2. If you _____hard (eat, drink, sleep, work) you will soon ____(excel , waken, finish, decide)
  3. To pursue means ___(new, retreat, chase, run)

Choose from the list, two words of opposite meaning.

  1. Pretty, innocent, unfair, guilty, wise.
  2. over, above, below, high, lofty
  3. clever, sharp, keen, even, blunt

Fill up the blanks with , where and there

  1. ______ are you? The horsemen ________ riding wards them.
  2. They ________ near the city ____________ he was killed.
  3. ____________, __________ they then?
  4. The suspects _______________ found guilty in the house _____________ Amos lived.




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