1st Term Exams Civic Education Primary 4





1.) ________ are the accepted standards or moral conduct by which members of a society live and relate with one another (a) politics (b) science (c) values (d) games


2.) Listening to their people’s view or opinions will make us ________ their views

(a) against (b) adore (c) language (d) respect

3.) The two main ways of respecting other peoples view are ______ and ________

(a) by shouting and cursing (b) in words and action

(c) by war and fighting (d) by law and order

4.) Respecting other people’s view help the society in the following way except _____

(a) It bring peace and harmony to the society (b) It makes people to feel safe and happy

(c) It brings envy and troubles to the society (d) It help people to learn from each other

5.) There are _________ and ________ values (a) marriage and customs (b) wrong and good (c) positive and negative (d) constituted and authority


6.) Examples of positive values are ________ and ________

(a) abusing elders and fighting in the neighbourhood (b) respect of human life and

constituted authority (c) laziness and idleness (d) pride and greed


7.) _________ is the freedom and legal right one has to be a member of a particular country

(a) court wedding (b) political party (c) citizenship (d) international passport


8.) The following are the ways to acquire citizenship except _____

(a) by birth (b) by naturalization (c) by political party (d) by descent

9.) The common feelings of a shared value by a group of people is called ______

(a) nepotism (b) capitalism (c) communalism (d) feudalism

10.) The attributes of communalism are the following except _____

(a) togetherness (b) love (c) co-operation (d) love

11.) The third tier of government is called _____

(a) house of assembly (b) local government (c) state government (d) federal government

12.) The grass-root government is __________

(a) federal government (b) state government (c) local government (d) house of lord

13.) Local government is important to the people because they provide the following services except (a) spreading bribery and corruption (b) bringing government near to local people

(c) takes care of town planning (d) promote the culture of the people


14.) There are ___________ local government areas in Nigeria (a) 500 (b) 677 (c) 774 (d) 866

15.) The head of the local government is called ______

(a) councilor (b) a judge (c) chairman (d) a doctor

16.) The state government is the _______________ level of government in Nigeria

(a) first (b) fourth (c) third (d) second



17.) The state government is headed by a __________

(a) senator (b) chairman (c) governor (d) president

18.) The type of government which is headed by a king or Queen is called _______

(a) presidential system of Government (b) Military System of Government

(c) Monarchial System of government (d) democratic system of government

19.) ______________ is regarded as the best form of government

(a) Feudalism (b) Oligarchy (c) Democracy (d) Military

20.) __________________ is the head of government in parliamentary system of government (a) The Chairman (b) The councilor (c) the prime minister (d) the senate leader


Part B: Theory

1.) What is democracy? _________________________________________________________



b.) What is government? _________________________________________________________



2.) Mention four rights people can enjoy under a democratic government

(a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________

(c) ______________________________ (d) ________________________________


b.) By what means a democratic government can come to power _________________________



3.) What are values? ____________________________________________________________



b.) __________________________ and _________________________ are two types of values

4.) List three ways of acquiring citizenship

(a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________

(c) ______________________________


b.) List four attributes of communalism

(a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________

(c) ______________________________ (d) ________________________________



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