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  1.  ____________ are tools used by the farmers on the farm (a) farm tools (b) office tools (c) home tools
  2.  There are _______________ types of basic farm tools (a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4
  3.  Modern farm arm tools are also referred to as __________________(a) simple farm tools (b) farm machinery (c) water machine
  4. ________________ are tools used for cutting work on the farm (a) drilling tools (b) cutting tools (c) ward tools
  5.  _________________ are tools that are used to dig hole on the farm (a) dragging tools (b) cutting tools (c) digging tools
  6. _________________ are tools used to gather farm produce or debris on the farm(a) working tools (b) gathering tools (c) gutter tools
  7.  _______________ is an example of carrying tools (a) basket (b) rake (c) spade
  8. 8.) ________________ are tools used to carry farm produce from the farm to the store (a) watering tools (b) beautiful tools (c) carrying tools
  9.  The edge of cutting tool should be __________ (a) sharpened (b) painted (c) blunt
  10.  _____________ is used for gathering debris or rubbish on the farm (a) head pan (b) rake (c) shovel
  11. Earthworms are helpful to farmers because they make the soil _______. a) hard b) loose c) dry d) hot
  12. Farmers grow food crops to _______. a) eat b) play c) sleep d) read
  13. Earthworms live in the _______. a) sky b) water c) soil d) tree
  14. Earthworms dig _______ in the soil. a) houses b) tunnels c) schools d) cars
  15. Most earthworms are _______ in color. a) green b) blue c) gray reddish d) yellow
  16. Earthworms help __________ the soil. a) harden b) loosen c) dry d) color
  17. Earthworms keep the soil __________. a) cold b) dry c) wet d) hard
  18. Earthworms aid in the ________ of air in soil. a) blocking b) flow c) hiding d) eating
  19. Earthworms mix dead leaves with soil to improve __________. a) taste b) color c) nutrients d) height
  20. Earthworms help dead leaves __________ faster. a) grow b) decay c) shine d) dance
  21. The body of an earthworm is _______. a) hard b) slim c) dry d) colorful
  22. Earthworms’ bodies can easily break if not handled with _______. a) care b) water c) speed d) noise
  23. The body of an earthworm is _______. a) strong b) fragile c) noisy d) big
  24. Earthworms’ bodies are divided into _______ segments. a) two b) three c) four d) five
  25. The head of an earthworm houses its _______. a) eyes b) mouth c) ears d) nose
  26. Farmers’ enemies are animals that have a _______ effect on agriculture. a) positive b) neutral c) negative d) helpful
  27. Which of the following is NOT an example of farmers’ enemies? a) Birds b) Dogs c) Rats d) Squirrel
  28. What do farmers’ enemies do to the root plant? a) Water it b) Protect it c) Destroy it d) Feed it
  29. What do farmers’ enemies do to crops on the field? a) Protect them b) Harvest them c) Destroy them d) Water them
  30. Which damage is caused by farmers’ enemies to stored crops? a) They enhance their quality b) They destroy them c) They sell them d) They store them safely


Section B

1.) List three examples of cutting tools

(a) ______________________________

(b) ____________________________

(c) ______________________________


b.) List three examples of digging tools (a) ______________________________

(b) ____________________________

(c) ______________________________


2.) List three ways of maintaining cutting and digging tools

(a) ______________________________

(b) ________________________________

(c) ______________________________

b.) Mention three uses of cutlass

(a) ______________________________

(b) ____________________________

(c) ______________________________


3.) A farm implement used for turning soil is called ___________________________

4.)What are farmers’ enemies?

5.)Can you name any farmers’ enemies?

6.)What damages do farmers’ enemies cause to crops on the field?

7.)How do farmers’ enemies affect the performance of animals?

8.)Why is it important for farmers to identify farmers’ enemies?

9.)What do birds do that makes them farmers’ enemies?

10.)How can farmers protect their crops from rats?

11.) Why are crabs considered farmers’ enemies?

12.)What happens to the marketability of crops because of farmers’ enemies?

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