Verbal Reasoning Primary 6 First Term Examination


CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                      SUBJECT: VERBAL REASONING



Part A:         Sample           A                  B                           C                 D

Six                ten                     number           twenty           Ans = number


  • (a) swimming (b) wrestling            (c) running               (d) sport        Ans =
  • (a) college (b) school                 (c) university           (d) academy  Ans =
  • (a) meal (b) breakfast             (c) dinner                 (d) lunch       Ans =
  • (a) shirt (b) trousers               (c) blouse                 (d) clothes     Ans =
  • (a) Gun (b) sword                 (c) weapon               (d) spear        Ans =


Part B:         Write out A, if it is always true                      Write out B, if it is often true

Write out C, if it is never true                       Write out D, if it is impossible to say


Sample (a) Fire is hot. Ans = A                              (b) Boys called Peter are clever. Ans = D

  • Aeroplanes are faster than cars. Ans =
  • Christians celebrate Christmas once in a year. Ans =
  • Businessmen are rich. Ans =
  • Mothers are kind to their children. Ans =
  • Aeroplanes fly in the air. Ans =


Part C: Write out the word that does not belong to the group

Sample:         (a) rat            (b) lizard       (c) dog     (d) yam


  • (a) mango (b) cassava (c) pawpaw   (d) orange Ans =
  • (a) crayon (b) pen (c) table         (d) pencil Ans =
  • (a) smelling (b) hearing (c) singing     (d) feeling Ans =
  • (a) nurse (b) doctor (c) judge       (d) dentist Ans =
  • (a) carpenter (b) photographer (c) tailor        (d) farming Ans =


Part D: Sample: Food and water, eat and _____ (a) drink (b) dinner (c) talk (d) rice  Ans = drink


  • Empty and full, narrow and _____ (a) straight (b) wide (c) long (d) smooth Ans =
  • Four and fourth, two and ______ (a) both (b) double (c) second (d) nice Ans =
  • Hear and ear, smell and _______ (a) nose (b) eye (c) parrot (d) beauty Ans =
  • Light and bright, knife and ______ (a) new (b) sharp (c) costly (d) cut Ans =

River and swim, air and _______ (a) life (b) jump (c) throw (d) fly    Ans =

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