1st Term Home Economics Examination





Section A:

1.) A place where food is prepared is the ____ (a) verandah (b) parlour (c) kitchen (d) store

2.) Mud, cement, terrazzo, tile, wood are examples of _____

(a) floor covering (b) ground (c) floor (d) surface

3.) ________ and __________ are forms of vegetable

(a) tuber and grain (b) legumes and cereals (c) fish and meat (d) root and leaves

4.) We dispose our dirts in the ___________ (a) dustbin (b) wardrobe (c) nylon (d) bag

5.) Perishable foods easily get ___________ (a) cooked (b) spoilt (c) sweetened (d) long

6.) _________ is the cooking of food with dry heat (a) boiling (b) frying (c) roasting (d) steaming

7.) Moimoi can be cooked by _____________ method of cooking

(a) frying (b) steaming (c) grilling (d) stewing

8.) The diet that contains all the classes of food in the right proportion is _____

(a) super diet (b) normal diet (c) balanced diet (d) supplement

9.) To prepare home-made polish, the following materials are used except ______

(a) candle wax (b) soap (c) water (d) kerosene

10.) We entertain our visitors in the ______ (a) bedroom (b) living room (c) kitchen (d) bathroom

11.) ___________ are very rich in vitamins and protects the body from germs

(a) soya beans (b) vegetables (c) yam (d) palm oil

12.) The following are examples of food prepared by roasting except ______

(a) bread (b) corn (c) plantain (d) groundnut

13.) _____________ is the cooking done in a closed pre-heated container by direct radiation

(a) steaming (b) baking (c) frying (d) boiling

14.) Water boils at ________________ (a) 1000c (b) 00c (c) 100c (d) 50

15.) There are _____________ methods of cooking (a) five (b) three (c) two (d) seven

16.) _______________ is the process of preparing food for eating

(a) preservation (b) cooking (c) storage (d) packing

17.) The following are reasons why we cook our food except _______ (a) to make it tasty and palatable (b) to kill germs (c) to make it soft and aid digestion (d) to allow it spoil


18.) The following food can be prepared by cooking before eating except _____ (a) cucumber, tomatoes, cabbage (b) beans, rice, yam (c) meat, fish, cake (d) cocoyam, potato, egg


19.) Which of the following groups of food is classified as vegetables (a) yam, cassava, maize

(b) meat, milk, egg (c) rice, millet, groundnut (d) cabbage, lettuce, cucumber

20.) Home-made polish can be used to clean our furnitures (a) true (b) false (c) not sure (d) maybe




Section B: Answer all questions

1.) Mention five methods of cooking food

(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________

(e) ________________________________

b.) What is cooking? __________________________________________________________


2.) Define home-made cleaning agents ______________________________________________



b.) Mention three categories of home-made cleaning agent

(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________


3.) What is a surface? ___________________________________________________________


b.) Mention three types of floor covering

(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________

4.) List four materials that can be used to clean in the home

(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________


b.) State four items that can be used for cooking

(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________


5.) State four reasons for cooking our food

(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________




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